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Disputed Order - Possible Harassment


Hi Everyone,

I’m still somewhat new to Fiverr, and I received a customer who gave me a description of what they wanted (remove backgrounds of images and make it look as smooth as possible). That seemed simple enough to me for a basic $5 gig.

I tried reaching out to the customer as I was trying to inform them some of their photos were not editable in certain areas due to it being blurry. I literally zoomed in at 3200% (closest I can get) and edited the photos every 3-10 pixels. I did not hear from the customer until 14 hours after he placed the order, and he told me to make the head and body look smoother.

I used every tool any professional would use and continued to give the buyer great details as to what I did to edit the image. I received a dispute about 20 minutes ago saying, “Refund. Looks like you are not qualified to do the work.” I disagree completely with that statement as they have not been pleasant to me throughout this process.

What do I do? Do I decline the cancellation and contact customer service as I feel as though I am being harassed? Or do I just accept it and take a hit on my ratings?



Don’t give him a refund. Do notify customer support and tell them what you said here. Don’t be taken advantage of.

Newer sellers may want to just refund buyers like this to avoid a one star review and that’s really terrible but it might be a hard decision you need to make.

At least if he does leave a review you can leave him a one star review other sellers can see on his profile. Say he tried to take advantage of you.


I agree with @misscrystal. Do not refund. I’ve had a few lately that were just trying to get free work. Stand your ground. If you communicated well and completed everything you promised in the gig than you did your part.


I went ahead and stood my ground. I was very professional about it, because I know I went above and beyond to communicate with this client as well as used advanced editing techniques. I never slack off on my jobs, so I know I did the best I could. I appreciate the advice.


@misscrystal now that I have declined the customer’s request for a refund, they sent me another dispute telling me to not waste their time and to give them a refund. I still haven’t heard back from customer service.


While I’m sure you did the best with the source content, what it you re-delivered a version with a different edge (eg. softer/smoother if the client wanted that, eg. even smoother than you sent) and see if he might be any happier with that (or maybe try other techniques to help create the edge)?. Maybe in that delivery saying you can change (eg. increase/decrease) the effect if required etc., and see if that helps the client at all.


Decline it again. I had to decline one about six times a day for three weeks every day. CS told me they wouldn’t give him a refund also. I got a one star review from the liar and that was ok with me. I also endured constant harassing messages the whole time. He got banned finally.

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@uk1000 I did try multiple techniques, and he is not budging. I explained to him how I traced it almost pixel for pixel to get the best quality. This is turning into bullying.

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When they think they can get a refund and find out it’s not that easy they become bullying. Makes me more determined than ever.

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If any messages are bullying or otherwise against TOS you can also use the report option on the messages.

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Here is the one star review I got after three weeks of refusing to refund him. I did NOT sell to him twice, he lied. I’m proud of this. He got all his questions answered after his delivery then immediately asked for a refund.

Customer service had offered to pay me back if I refunded but I still didn’t. I wanted him to pay. And he still continued to send me bullying messages, even after leaving this review. I don’t think he will do it to anyone else.

I wish everyone would do what I did with these people. His review affected my sales not at all.

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Can you remove the background by painting over it in white? Or is this like being in front of the Statue of Liberty, and you had to remove the crowd behind a guy?


It was a colored cloth behind the person, and I used a couple of different methods to remove the background as accurately as possible. Some areas were a little more challenging as I had to deal with movement (blurred parts of the picture). I explained that via messages to the customer. I’m obviously not understanding their definition of smooth and round, but they wouldn’t clarify it for me. That’s why I think this is someone trying to get a rise out of me or get something for free.

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UGH I hate when buyers expect you to make something from nothing.


if this buyer get something free from you then next time he will definitely try to get free advantage from another seller too.


Cut every part of pic and placed on new layers.


The issue has been resolved by customer service, and it is now marked as complete and delivered. The buyer is now under review. :blush:


Nice way to start the new year !!! :grinning: :wink:


Yay! Really happy to hear that fiverr getting better with their sellers support in this situations.


wow! That’s great. Good news at last.

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