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Disputes and delivery times?

Hi all,

I have used the resolve now for the very first time today to request an extension to the delivery time.
The reason is the job was considerably more complicated than the buyer said so is taking more than twice as long as expected.
My question is, if the buyer agrees to this after the order is already ‘late’ will it still affect my ‘delivered on time’ stats? I am committed to the work so want to complete it but they if the seller did not disclose the complexity can I still be penalised?



I’ve been “late” delivering before but it’s never affected my stats. Usually the person I’m going to be late with though knows and we discuss it without using the resolution thing. We both are late with each other, ahhaa. Often we start an order and she says she will send me something then doesn’t then we both extend lol. I get more crap from fiverr for cancellations. I think as long as you aren’t constantly late or late like by a week it should be okay!

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That’s good to know. Thank you for your reply.

What’s more frustrating is it is beyond my control. I would cancel but I know for sure that will have a negative impact. This is taking so much more time than I quoted for it is no longer worth my time :frowning:
I am now worried I will receive a negative review for not being on time.
I feel sometimes as a seller I have to way over deliver to avoid this, even if the buyer asks for more than they are paying for.

What we need as sellers is the option to reject an order if the requirements are beyond the gig offer…one that does not impact us negatively

Sorry for the rant!

NO. if your project marked LATE then it will shows late delivered but if you can put a dispute before the time then it will not shows late.


All in all, one late order will not do much. Make sure next time to ask for extension before the time ends :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I did ask for the extension before the time ended however when I put it through I got a message to say the buyer had up to 4 days to respond…I only had a few hours left :slight_smile:
Happy ending though. The buyer has agreed to the extension and my delivery stats still show 100% delivered on time :smile: