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Disputes need to change!

Here is the change I would like to see. If you have a chargeback which was not your fault you shouldn’t be penalized. It should not count against your completion rate.

The fact that we get reimbursed for a chargeback that wasn’t our fault, yet it is counted against our completion rate, is wrong. We had nothing to do with that chargeback, our service was delivered perfectly and sometimes we even get a 5 star review and a tip, yet then the client does a chargeback and we get penalized.


Unless they are trying to ruin a competitor’s stats, I have friends who have had that happen.

@jonbaas, Did you mean sellers? :thinking:

That is what happens? I have never had a chargeback so I was not aware of this.


@ industrydesigns I know someone has said that already, but when a buyer opened 2 orders with me by mistake, I talked to CS and they cancelled the second one without affecting my stats. You can always try, you have nothing to lose.

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I had a buyer place two orders with me “by mistake” and cancel them then place a third and it wasn’t cancelled. He claimed he couldn’t see the extras and kept trying. I got penalized for those two cancellations. Nothing I could do about it.

Ah… yes. That’s what I meant. Sellers, not buyers.

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Define success. Somebody making 10k a month with 1 order is much more successful imo than somebody doing 100 orders a month and making 1k. They are also making Fiverr more money.


Success would be defined as anything related to a challenging goal that requires hard work to achieve. Many new sellers on Fiverr rarely find success, because they don’t take the time to set high goals, and then work to achieve them. They seem happy to ignor the achievement process, and hope the rewards appear out of thin air. Unfortunately, that has never been how success works.

Alright, so we agree it has nothing to do with number of orders per month. So this policy is indeed very penalising for high price, low volume sellers.

I have already shared my insight. Please don’t try to twist it into something it is not.

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What did I twist? I simply picked your definition for success, and there was no mention of order volume in it. The second sentence was my own conclusion, I don’t claim you agree with it.

Hi guys,

I think as sellers we should stick together in these respects.

Fiverr is the platform we use to sell our services, and in essence can be referred to similarly as a boss.

I think it is up to us as a community to have conviction on when something is not fair and then push for change. Fiverr sets their rules as they see fit, and if there is no complaints from the community, they will assume everything is fine.

I still make sales everyday, so I am of the sellers within fiverr where the topic at hand isn’t as harsh - like visualstudios has mentioned, however, for some people it may affect them more.

I believe the long and short of the conversation is as such:

  1. The current Fiverr model is based on previous misconduct of their rules.
  2. Many sellers are able to work around or deal with the penalisation, and hence do not mind it, or find other routes to minimise damage or avoid damage all together.
  3. Some sellers do not find it fair, and have a fair time mitigating the damage or avoiding it, despite doing nothing wrong.
  4. Therefore, it is unfair how Fiverr penalises sellers for situations brought to them by buyers.
  5. Fiverr have the power to change this.

I am aware the conversation is more complex than this, and feel free to add anything I’ve missed and i will edit the comment accordingly.

I think it is important as sellers to be able to openly express our thoughts and feelings about how the platform is, and to strive to get these issues looked at.