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Dissapointed on the verge of quitting

hi I am getting extremely impatient and annoyed that i still haven’t gotten any orders. I know I just joint recently ,but I have about 5 gigs and I am not getting any clicks or impressions either.


Don’t just wait!

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t get disappointed. I have checked your gigs. You need to change you gig images as they are not very attractive. You also need to promote your gigs on social media.

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Tysm!! I am gonna try that out.

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I will try to find some other images. Thank you!! :smiley:


Three of your gigs revolve around the English language, but there are errors in your descriptions. I think you’ll struggle to get orders on those gigs until you tidy everything up.


I will try to find the errors and correct them. Thnks!!

Any time. Good luck!

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As @ahmwritingco has hinted at, you’re offering services that it appears you’re not qualified to offer.

Your three sentence profile description contains five errors.

Your three sentence proofreading gig description contains the sentence: ‘Please provide exact information about your text’ - this doesn’t mean anything.

You also claim to have native / bilingual English skills. Your English is actually very good and at a reasonably high level, but it’s certainly not native.

I know my comments might appear harsh, but you can’t claim to be “impatient and annoyed” about not getting orders (the implication being that you’re blaming Fiverr), when all the clues are to be found on your own profile.

Anyone wanting writing or proofreading services will read through what you’ve written and realise you’re not as native as you claim you are.


Thank you for your feedback!! I have made a few changes to my proofreading gig and i hope i have corrected the mistakes. Also i wasn’t implying that it was Fiverr’s fault because I know that there are many more people who have much more experience than me doing the same thing. English is not the native language of my country, but it is the language I know and speak the most.