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Dissatisfied with the Capabilities of Fiver Sellers


I am mostly dissatisfied with the capabilities of Fiver so far.

I have paid for 4 gigs, giving up on two when it was obvious that the seller did not have the ability to solve the problems as advertised (DNN and CSS), and giving up on 1 where the image created was not as per the detailed spec, (after feedback and 3 revisions).

I give a very detailed spec (up to the 1200 characters and with attached examples), and checked with the Seller before purchasing that they understood and were capable of completing the work.

On the current gig I paid for 4 gigs in the hope the extra money (requested by the seller) would allow a good result, sadly its not looking that way - 3 revisions in, and the supplied image does not meet the supplied specification.

The quality of the work is simply not professional enough…

Is requesting that the image have a consistent colour pallet, and that the image have gradients/ glows etc rather than being flat as if it was created in Paint more than I should expect?

Am I asking too much??



But, did the seller(s) you have been trying to work with offer examples of their work in their Fiverr listing? Did they have many positive reviews?

It sounds as though you went through the right steps by contacting them prior to ordering to make sure they understood your needs, but, you know, not everyone is going to be a match for you or meet your standards.

Is the seller one who speaks your native language (I am guessing English! LOL) Sometimes barrier in language can wreak havoc as well.



Well, to be honest I think the issue here is that you are not dealing with professionals.

No professional will hang out on fiverr to do work for 5 bucks, regarding code and the like, simply because when you get a job coding, money flows like the fucking Amazon and you’re busy with it.

Ergo, on fiverr you’ll mostly find amateurs or hobbyists, or students, that want to work for some extra cash and earn new skills.

I’m not saying it was yours, or the seller’s fault, but perhaps a mismatch of what you wanted vs skill (perceived skill vs actual skill) might be at play.


Reply to @madmoo:

Oh, I didn’t mean it to come off that way! I wasn’t talking about professional people, but about professional (certified, in the field, etc) programmers!

I know there must be some, but the ratio of hobbyist/professional programmers in what regards that field on fiverr is not optimal.


I haven’t cancelled any of the gigs, as I believe the sellers have attempted the work and have spent enough time on the job to justify $5, it was just a pity that I didn’t get what I wanted. So yes I did just “end it in a civil way in a mutually agreeable fashion”.

Yes I checked out the Sellers comments and samples of work, and they looked impressive, the current seller has a 100% rating from 365 votes, the previous one was only 91% from 68 votes.

I agree on the programming front, though it depends where your skill level is, it would be nice for the seller to pick up $5 for a simple fix, that was beyond the buyers capabilities…

Currently I am working with a Seller to get an Icon Made - simple if you know the Adobe Range and you understand how colours relate to each other. :frowning:


Reply to @madmoo: Glad we’re on the same foot again!

It would’ve been silly for me to call us all amateurs when even I consider myself professionally awesome at illustrating stuff for people hhah!


Except for me - will let this go for another week, and then make a decision…

mcromano said: No professional will hang out on fiverr to do work for 5 bucks

I don't want to generalize for all the sellers but I agree with this quote. Only reason professionals can hang out here is for cost cutting for the amount of work done (for both ssellers and buyers), not that it means sellers here are amateurs or something. I charge 5 bucks for wordpress migration, QA and security service, for which outside freelancers are charging minimum 50 bucks per hour. My reason for such service is purely economical than anything else.

To the OP: If you are professional and have your product dependent on five dollar of service then you are just trying to cut the cost by stretching service of the sellers for five dollars so that you can get the product released with less cost and better results yet more overhead to sellers. If you want professional results, get things in writing, be it word or pdf file. Avoid selecting sellers that can't do the work as per your specifications. If your specifications demand for more cost, then either pay that or get the work done outside the fiverr in some other freelancing sites. If you want to make people work on specifications then that is a skill, not something you can learn by ranting against workers or creating conflicts with them. Being professional means avoiding conflict in every process of work.


5$ is very little amount! Mostly it’s penny amount dear. But I am not agree with you (on fiverr) have lot of expert seller who working really hard for 5$, Hope You find them, I think You have bad experience with seller. But everyone not like that. Good luck for next time.


Well, if you consider that Fiverr takes out 20% per sale, how much time would you invest? It’s also not necessarily the person not being professional enough, but might not have a style, quite what you’re looking for. Contacting a buyer ahead of time about the specific order you want to place is usually a good idea and will solve any mishaps ahead of time.

@mcromano It’s about the up-sell, and you get far better exposure here and free advertising and an already established high PR page with a rep. To claim a “professional” wouldn’t be here is silly. This is exactly the type of market they should be in. Advertising costs/breaking into a niche can be a costly albeit a potentially hugely profitable endeavor. Fiverr is a great way to save money, refine services, and up-sell to your hearts desire without the risk of anything but a little time lost. I agree with you if they’re not taking advantage of the up-sells.

Programming is a good example and relevant to this. Programmers are in high demand as are writers, but these two fields have such saturation that the likelihood that you will be picked for a job is very minimal. Fiverr gives you a chance to refine your service and offer it in a unique way. You might not be getting as much as you would elsewhere, but you can build a more more stable and long-term profitability here than anywhere else without the risk of loss of income aka, advertising/etc. costs. If you market yourself to the point of even getting to a top-rated seller and getting $300 to $500 orders a pop, that adds up. The value of money is a bit different here than it would be in your standard job. The programmer most likely can actually get more money here as they’re dealing with newer businesses/individuals and thus as I know a few programmers here, the programming job may be super easy or super hard, but the pay seems to still be relatively the same. If the programmer gets a $300 order that takes them a few hours, and gets another that takes them 4+, is it really so bad of pay? How much does one really need, honestly? Of course, one could always get a day job as a programmer(if they can even get in with a company) but that means you work for someone and have to work their hours, and what they set. Who wants to do that?

Just my thoughts, :slight_smile:


Give me the work…

After i finished it as you wish, you can put order… :-c


zzeuzz, Message Sent




$5 or not you have to keep in mind that some of the sellers have no passion or care about what they offer as a service. Many just want to make a quick buck with little to no regard for quality, plain and simple. Some don’t even have the ability to deliver solid results.

You will find a lot of unprofessional people here because some are trying to get their feet wet, testing their talent pool just because they can.

Goes to show having a 100% rating and good reviews is not always what it seems.


Reply to @mcromano: I’m a professional programmer/developer and I’m here on Fiverr… and if you read my buyers feedbacks you can discover that they are happy and come back to me when they need!!

Consider that I’m not the best: many are better than me and work for few dollars with excellent results! So please, don’t tell you can’t find professional people on Fiverr: here, like in the real world, you find honest people, professional people and others that are not pro…

About $5: not every job is done within that amount… some needs to be paid a little more, some other much more… but still a very lower price you can find on the market…