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Divert Account disabled

My account is disabled, please what can I do, I’m in level one account. What can I do

Your account seems to be active. Is it another account that is disabled? Do you have more than 1 account?


My friend account. Just help her to ask the question

You could ask your friend to contact CS to ask why her account was disabled if that isn’t known. Fiverr might have emailed with a reason. Maybe your friend broke one of the terms of service rules or something.


It sounds like you had more than one account, and Fiverr chose to delete one of them. At first, you referred to the account as belonging to you, and then when @uk1000 pressed you on whether you had a second account, you chose to refer to the account as belonging to your friend. The “my friend’s account” claim is commonly used by people who are breaking the rules with more than one account.

I certainly hope I’m wrong in my assessment, but the facts seem to suggest I’m not.