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Divert user unfriendly..bunch of yoyo's

I’ve been a user of these sites for many years. Im rated excellent on other sites as a buyer. I like to keep “sellers” up to date and paid. Divert neither lets you prepay balances or easily navigate there site. I spent an hour on my iPhone last week and another 30 minutes on my computer. Still could get the poor girl paid. The sellers I’ve met have been good. The Fiverr system foolish. They don’t seem to allow you to pick your own deadlines. The result is that sellers are so afraid to be negatively affected by these that they rush to complete work without your feedback. In turn you can receive incorrect work. Not their fault. But what a waste of time. I wrote Fiverr a letter about being frustrated a week ago …no response. That should tell buyers something. A great concept with a poorly designed website makes the whole experience for the buyer unsatisfactory and frustrating. Horrible Horrible. I’ll have to figure out how to pay my seller and waste more time. I also had my credit card declined 2x w my bank saying many complaints make them initially reject every charge! I don’t even know what to make of that!! Stay away

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Sellers on fiverr can pick their own deadline. It sounds like you had a problem paying a seller but I’m not sure why from what I can tell. What is Divert?

I’m a bit confused…are you saying that sellers or buyers should pick the deadline. For sellers, they can list what the delivery time would be for a gig. Now if you are referring to changing the delivery date after the gig has started, I don’t believe you can do that. There are times when something comes up and I wish the delivery date could be changed if both buyer and seller mutually agree, but at the moment I don’t think that is a feature of fiverr.

Custom orders allow any deadline, which might be previously agreed between buyer and seller.
If an order is already placed and both the buyer and the seller want to change the deadline, that order can be mutually cancelled and a new custom order with a new deadline placed. I did that once, when a buyer ordered more than 10 basic gigs at once, instead of adding extras (which add additional days), and I had to deliver all of them in 24h…

Regarding payment, isn’t it as easy as clicking the big green ‘order now’ button and using Paypal or bitcoins?
I personally find Fiverr a very user-friendly platform and I believe that’s one of the reasons for its success.

Sellers on fiverr can’t pick their own deadline if buyer make order! Also there is no bottons to accept or reject project which is absolutely unfair, simply if you are seller you are forsed to do it or have some problems with contacting and waiting of help center, I got one late project because of absence bottons to accept or reject project and as a resolt I got one star rating which spoiled all my statistics which was perfect. If I get someday another cancelation with one star my statistics will be so bad that I can just delete myself.