DIY Christmas Ornaments - Any good ones?


Do any of you make your own Christmas or Holiday ornaments?


Anything you can share? Am looking for some good ones to do with my nieces.


You could get instructions on Fiverr:

This last one isn’t a DIY, but it would be easy to make with mod podge and an interesting idea.

Just $5. :slight_smile:


I make crocheted ball covers. I buy glass balls from thrift stores, even the scratched ones, spray paint them different colors (or not if they aren’t too damaged), and use the crocheted covers for them. I make all color covers, and I also crochet snowflake ornaments. I didn’t have time to do any this year, but I’ll start early and have some to sell next year.


Nice! Thanks for sharing these!!


Reply to @madmoo: Looks great!


Reply to @madmoo: Wow! These are so pretty Madmoo! You sure are talented :slight_smile:


Alcohol Ink inspired Ornaments. All pieces are handmade and none are identical.

We do glassware, dishware, home decor, ornaments, and other handmade home goods all inspired by ink-based design.

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