Do a weekly sale


After years of documenting my daily sales, earnings, etc, I’ve noticed that Friday’s are usually my worst days.

That’s why I’m picking one gig a week to lower my prices, as little as $5 for the lowest package.

Since the goal is always making money, I figure it’s better to get 4 orders at $5 than 0 orders at $20.

To do this I have written the following in bold letters at the top of my gig description:


The goal is to create a sale without delay. Why 4pm? Because usually I wake up around 3pm, so I wanted to see if my experiment will work or not.

Fiverr, what about a notification box?

I think Sunday is worst for me :frowning:


You normally wake up at 3pm!?

Don’t you think you’ll risk getting a customer who wants more work for $5? Since they won’t message you before it might risk a few cancellations too?

I am all for it though! It’s a great business technique! :slight_smile: My worst days are Friday as well, but I also have long term projects I work on.


Fiverr is my only job, and my vending business can be worked in the afternoons (once a month). I play video games from midnight to 3am, then read books from 3am to 6am, then go to sleep, sometimes later than 6am, and wake up at 3 or 4. If I have to wake up early for a meeting, then I take sleeping pills.

I can tell you that this Friday was awesome for me. I got 6 orders. It’s true that yesterday I made $48 net with 3 orders and today I made $60 with 6. However, the point was making real money on Friday, and I’m glad I got my wish.

P.S. The only prices I didn’t change were the one day delivery, and ironically, a buyer bought it.


Interesting experiment. I’d love to see more of these in the forums!


Usually, orders stop from Friday, there are less of them in Saturday and at Sunday it gets back on track. That’s some kind of pattern that I noticed happening here.

I don’t know also how many of you noticed that at the beginning and at the end of the month the number of the orders is always slower.

You can try offering your services on other platforms during Fridays, it might work. :slight_smile:


I haven’t found any viable alternatives to Fiverr, and what I have found requires bidding which I despise.

The Friday slump is apparently common in other businesses as well. Maybe people are thinking about their weekend plans and not what they need done.


Yes, I hate the bidding also. But after you get a couple of orders you will get a lot of offers and invitations. I offer usually designs that are for print on the other platforms, while here on fiverr I mostly offer designs for web use. But my plan is to stop selling on the other platforms and turn just on fiverr only. Currently, I offer my services on a total of three sites.

I agree about Friday.


What are those sites? You don’t have to copy and paste the direct link, you can just mention them by name.

I’ve had bad experiences with other sites, issues getting paid, issues with revisions, issues with the amount of work they expect. I also hate the searching, there are so many jobs that are irrelevant to me.

Now I admit that sometimes I have issues with Fiverr. For example, a client ordered my most expensive package and paid $10 for one day delivery (now I charge more). She didn’t like it, and demanded a refund. I quoted the terms of service to her, but it was to no avail, she still wanted a refund. So I lost $40 ($32 net).

I’m just glad that most of my clients aren’t like her. Still, imagine the frustration at another site where you’re working for $10 or $20 AFTER bidding, after showing samples, after wheeling and dealing, only to lose 100% of your order?

Or look at sites like Thumbtack. That site is great for buyers, but the poor sellers have to buy bidding credits.

“A single credit costs roughly $1.50, but that goes down as low as $1.42 if a professional buys a bulk pack of credits. For example, they can guy a pack of 12 credits for $17.99, a pack of 24 credits for $34.99 or a pack of 60 credits for $84.99. Each professional starts off with a 10 quote package, at a 30% discount”

So even if you don’t pay a 20% commission, you’re still wasting up to $84.99. What if all your bids get rejected? Wouldn’t it make sense to pay only when you make money? Only when your gig is accepted?

That’s why I’m sticking with Fiverr, and bulk vending (candy, gumballs) machines, that’s my offline business.


@fastcopywriter type the largest or either best freelancing websites and you will find them.

You can have bad experiences on every site. Let’s say on Upwork you can choose your clients wisely, you get to check out their reviews, their past work experiences, how much money they have spent before and many things like that. The same thing goes for PPH. I don’t say that you should go to those websites and work there, but if you have different skills than writing you can try selling them there. Or you can offer business plans or things like that. It’s all about hitting the right nieche on each site.

If you take me for an example, I offer services for designing web based graphics (headers, banners, watermarks) and business card design services. While on the other website, I bid on jobs that are meant for printing and branding. I do a lot of research for the client before I accept their invites/offers.

The only difference why you can’t charge a lot on Fiverr is because this is a supply driven marketplace while 99.99% of the remaining freelancing platforms are demand driven marketplaces. But I love fiverr more than the other platforms for a lot of reasons.

Almost every site that I worked on charges 20% commission.


I rather you tell me. I always try to communicate with specifics, not generalities. Besides, sometimes google lies. You google “alternatives to Fiverr” and might find some websites with horrible Alexa rankings. I don’t want to waste my time with the unproven.

I’ve tried Upwork, never had good experiences with them. Too much bidding, too few results. Maybe I’m not a good bidder? Who knows?

I love Fiverr because of the flexibility, your gig can be about almost anything, you can choose packages or not. You choose speed of delivery, rush free, extras. You might even create a gig for something no one else is doing.

I’m noticing that now you can even suggest categories that don’t exist yet. That’s really smart, because the market will always be faster and smarter than any central planning. That’s why Fortune 500 companies survey their customers and listen to what people post on Facebook.


Definitely, Fiverr is the best one because of the reasons you have mentioned above.

Upwork, is kind of low balling and there is a lot of competition, you can’t earn a great amount of cash if you don’t get invited to “private teambuilder groups”. There was an interesting article by Eon or from some of the other moderators, in which he stated on how to use the buyer request option and how to send great bids. You can apply, the same thing when bidding on other platforms. If I find that link I would send it right away.

Because this is a freelancing platform it would be for the best not to share all of its competitors. There were some fiverr alternatives in the past but they are not working anymore.


The danger with having regular sales is that you’re effectively teaching your repeat buyers to NOT buy on any other day except on the day of the sale. If this is something that you do on a continuing basis, or that you advertise for a long time in advance, then this essentially tells buyers to go away and come back later. Sales are tricky things - use them carefully or not at all. If you promote yourself outside of Fiverr, the best way to do this is to maintain a mailing list and send out a FLASH SALE! email once every 3-6 weeks. It can’t be often enough that people will wait for it, and it can’t last long enough that they can sit around. 24-48 hours, and that’s it.


For me everyday is wrost. I am really thankfull to fiverr for the new search algorithm which is making my days wrost :slight_smile:


I’ve never been good promoting myself outside of Fiverr. My fastcopywriter Facebook page has like 60 likes.

I also don’t think most sellers keep track of sales and patters. Also, you don’t have to advertise it until the last minute. My Friday sale is advertised on the gig on Friday, not before, and I create a need to purchase by telling them when the sale ends.


Teambuilder groups? What are those? Honestly, I’m not much of a team player, that’s why I’m on Fiverr.

To me, More People = More Problems. :slight_smile:


Try changing your prices, gig title, gig description, keywords, any or all of the above, and see if you do better.

Looking at your #1 gig.
I Will Do A Minimal Logo Design FAST

First of all, it’s “minimalistic” logo design, and since you do it in 1-day, write “1 day” or 24 hours."

So your gig title should be “I will design a minimalistic logo in 24 hours.”

Then your keywords can be minimalistic logo, design, simple logo, etc.

Also, lower your prices to $5, $10, $15. Right now you only have 4 reviews, so you need more sales before you can start charging higher prices. You can also try changing your prices to $10, $15, $20, $15, $20, $25, and measure your sales.

Good luck


Social media marketing, self promotion, advertising, etc. is among the most time-consuming and exhausting things that I do apart from the actual performance of my job, but it’s essential. I had a business coach who taught me that it won’t hurt my sales if I don’t do any marketing today. In fact, it probably won’t even hurt me tomorrow or even next week. But it will hurt me next month when my stream of new clients dries up and I don’t have anybody to convert into higher-level purchases. Advertising sales, even brief sales, can cook up some quick money, but sales are notorious for attracting fickle buyers who are only looking for discounts. Ideally, sales are only used to tease buyers into purchasing something larger, or as rewards for existing mid- to upper-level repeat buyers.


My prices was low before I recently increased them. As you can see fiverr is showing high priced gigs on top. When you search minimal logo there is no gig with price less the $25 on the first page. Mostly they are new sellers and the gig of low priced seller like me is no where in search.


I am doing changes in my gig title,description,tags and prices every 3rd or 4rth day to get good results but I am not getting results.