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Do Africans really get buyers often from other counterpart?

how long does it take for a newly signed up member to get buyers rolling? does the sellers location really matters? joined fiverr recently due to my vast creative ideas and i’m yet to receive my first order. I really need to showcase my talent and impress my first buyer with the good qualities embedded in me.

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You may feel your location may have something to do with you not receiving orders. But it is not.

The competition is fierce here and EVERY department/category is super-saturated with gigs.

Your only avenue is currently utilizing your 10 daily offers available to submit on the Buyer’s Requests page.

To see MORE requests, you will need to have gigs in DIFFERENT categories.

Fiverr does not automatically divert gigs directly to you while you just open a new account and create a couple of gigs. They are doing the marketing and bringing the buyers in, the rest will be up to you.

There’s a ton of articles on Fiverr Blogs, threads here on the Fiverr, that you can easily search and read up on.

You can also keep an eye on daily moans and whines from new sellers posting here on why they are not getting any orders.

So all in all, you may wish to be a little proactive and take some further actions regarding your order situations.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


I was actually thinking if Top Sellers can be assigned with a stipulated/limited number of Orders so that fresh users can also be considered to showcase their creativity and also getting in touch with different categories of Buyers by rendering the neccesary services. thanks

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No Level of sellers get assigned with anything.

Only gigs that provide Outstanding Quality and Value gets the orders, as they are placed first on a Buyer’s SERP.

As for new Sellers, Fiverr actually does do them a favor and give them a automatic boost until they reach Level 2.

It is not publicized anywhere but this does take place.

Your comments has broadened my understanding. Your thoughts has really been helpful. Thanks.
Cant wait to introduce something Unique on my Gig to get a lot of Buyers Order.

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Sure not a problem. :thumbsup:

Have you personally designed the covers that you show on your gig page? If you have, and if you have the right to use these designs as examples, you may wish to mention that in the gig description, otherwise buyers might think that you have stolen them and that you’re presenting someone else’s design as your own.


I can see you are fresh here. Welcome to the marketplace. Like you were told, the market is very heavily saturated. It is your skills and your proficiency in them that can set you apart from the other Sellers. Ripping images off the net for your gig covers does more harm to you than good. Buyers know those images and they know they aren’t your works. That alone keeps them off and you also risk being banned for illegal use of other person’s designs. The terms on this platform are stringent and you need to abide by them to last. Take a look at gigs in your category and note their style of presentation - without copying their images or entries. Lastly, to your question. yes hard-working Africans get patronized. Everyone, including the biggest Seller around all started from scratch like you and worked their way to success.Think of how to offer better service than those on here. Think of something unique to bring on - within the terms of use of the platform. Good luck.

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Well said. Feeling positive and Optimistic

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Probably, location doesn’t make a difference. It’s the same, I used to work under the US flag till four months ago. I do still have the same activity on my page as it was before.

We all start out as new sellers, including Top Rated Sellers. Pay your dues like we did.


:+1: Sure, that’s a motivating spirit for me to step up my game.

You surely need to build up your own marketing here.
What is sure is that you’ve already built up a big ego:

Now that’s a big introduction…
I bet a person with your amazing qualities should not ask that all best sellers must have a limit with orders… so we all make place for you to get your chance… I guess you can reach that from alone… uh?

You don’t seem to have any images showing on your gig.

Maybe he’s removing the images that are not his own? Or simply changing the images.


did you personally designed the covers that you show on your gig page?

OP doesn’t have any gigs for sale on his profile.

The thread is quite old…:zombie: