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Do all buyer requests check the amount of reviews you have?

I only have three reviews so far. I’ve sent 16 offers and only got one of them accepted (my first gig).

I often point out I’m new to Fiverr (about half the time) so I can do the gig very cheaply for them and then I give them as much detail as to what I can do for their request as possible, point out my experience and offer a refund no questions asked if they’re not 100% satisfied. I try more enthusiastic approaches on some offers, more professional on others and I only apply to gigs I’m sure I could do a good job on.

Should I be expecting this level of response or higher, something I’m doing wrong?


Do all buyer requests check the amount of reviews you have?

I’m sure many buyers do check a seller’s feedback score before hiring them, but not all.

Your success ratio is actually pretty good. You must have read posts on this forum by people who have sent hundreds of responses without landing a job.

The buyer request feature is notoriously difficult to get a job from. Every request tends to receive dozens of responses, and some requests aren’t even all that serious – they’re created by buyers just testing the water.

It’s early days, I know, but one sale per 16 responses is decent.

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