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Do all customers expect "custom offers" nowadays?

I do translations, and I´ve noticed I barely ever get orders through normal procedure anymore… Everyone contacts me via messages asking me to “look at their documents” and give them a custom offer. I tell them “my price is 5$ per 500 words, and yes, I do translate from that language you´ve got there”. And they always ask for custom orders… I´ts not like they get a different price? Maybe they think they will… (But my prices are 5$ per 500 words, if you´ve got 600 words, its 10$).

I´ve also had a few people that say “hey I need these 1000 words translated in 24 hours, send me a custom order”. I guess they expect me to forget to add the 10$ extra for “delivery in just 1 day”?

I don´t know… It´s just a bit of extra work when you have to keep sending custom offers and discussing with people that some times don´t even end up buying anything. xD And a lot of people say “please count the words and give me a custom offer”… Can´t you do that yourself…? Especially when you´ve put it all in an excel doc…

Is this “custom offer” thing becoming the source of most of your orders too?

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Send them a custom offer and stop being so lazy! That means they will purchase your gig!

Custom orders are your best friends!


I do proofreading, rewriting and writing. I would rather have a custom offer request though messages than having a high school or college student book by proofreading and revising gig to write a 10,000-word term paper. That way I can turn them down without doing a mutual cancel.

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It can be easier that way for the buyers, they just need to click to accept your offer. Some buyers are really confused by Fiverr (or not good with any tech). Help them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always help them, of course :slight_smile:

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Yeah I get when they have a 2000+ word translation, but when it’s the smaller 2-500 words one it takes a lot of time for me to keep offering custom orders XD I do appreciate all the people that wants my help, of course! :slight_smile:

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