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Do all of you run ads to stay relevant?

Hi Fiverr Community!

Hope all is well - I have a quick question - Do you guys run ads to stay relevant in your categories or you just tweak your description/tags and that does the job for you?

If you run ads, then what kind and where with what frequency? Lately, I have tried tweaking descriptions and tags but they haven’t been too effective so I’m all up for trying new methods.

Thanks a lot.


If you’re paying to run ads, why would you send people to Fiverr and pay commission instead of sending them directly to your website?


That’s exactly what I don’t understand, then why is this such a popular opinion here?

I don’t believe that running ads is “such a popular opinion here.” Yes, people will tell you of how not to do social media marketing, but from what I’ve seen, most sellers don’t use ads to promote their services. Some of them have accounts with organically grown followers but most don’t seem to and do just fine.

Personally, I don’t do any ads. I use Fiverr for that reason: It gives me a free platform to advertise. It was so much harder to get work before, and my skills in communication have grown thanks to learning to regularly deal with all kinds of people and projects.

I’m not sure what gave you the impression that it’s a “popular opinion.” I don’t see people talking about running ads much… It might just be an assumption you made.


Because most people giving advice are completely clueless, and they keep copying and pasting the same useless advice. Why? I’m not sure. They gain absolutely nothing by doing it.

“Dear bro, send 10 buyer request, share gig on social media and don’t forget to be online 24 hours per day”.

Complete garbage. It’s a “popular opinion” because the majority of people on the forums are meksells.

I don’t have the numbers, but there are like 50 accounts or so that post regularly that know what they are saying and have quality gigs and know how - those users give useful advice, and I have yet to see any of them recommend buying ads. Unfortunately that advice will fall on deaf ears precisely for those that need it the most. Catch-22.

Then you have quite a few users that post sporadically to discuss their problems or experiences, and they are also valid. They will be the ones able to identify and benefit from the good advice.

But then there are hundreds of new users constantly coming and going, and most of them just spew that bs over and over. They have no original thoughts, they have no communication skills, they have absolutely no success as sellers. They are little more than glorified spam bots imo.


Spot on! This is what I have read a lot along with “market and run ads” - as a new seller, I have been doing decent here but I feel that now my impressions are drastically going down. I haven’t been able to pin point the exact problem as of yet so I was wondering that perhaps what they’re saying is right – maybe Fiverr is built to garner buyers via sellers in distress.

Anyway, thanks for your insightful message. Do share anymore tips on optimization or anything that could stop falling impressions.

Please and thanks!


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Impressions are at the mercy of the algorithm. You can’t control your position on search. There’s no magic bullet. What can you control? What people will see when your gig does appear, and what they will see when they click on it. Make the best gig you can, offer the best value proposition. Attractive image and video, attention grabbing title, etc. Impressions are not that important anyway. You can have thousands of impressions on a gig and zero sales. What you should care about is clicks and conversion rate.

Fiverr surely tracks these metrics - if you have a gig with low impressions but that is selling very well proportionally, with great reviews, etc., eventually it will rank better and get more impressions, since that will mean more money for Fiverr. Fiverr won’t want to place gigs highly in the search results (giving them loads of impressions) if they are not performing well, and vice-versa. Now, this is not straight up math, there’s a degree of “randomness”, they’ll boost some gigs now and then, rotate the placements, etc. But, on average, and given enough time, it stands to reason that gigs will eventually rank in search according to their “quality” however Fiverr decides to determine what that consists of. This is a bit of speculation on my part, of course, but a min-max strategy is what makes sense for a for profit company.


Makes absolute sense, I haven’t been able to predict the patterns myself but I concur! I’m gonna keep optimizing until I have absolutely nailed it. Thanks a lot for your time! Appreciate it.

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