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Do all Top level Sellers have 100%?


I am a level 2 seller and have one bad review and that is it, and that is because the buyer did not read my gig description and expected something else, but that was before the mutual cancellation feature went into effect.

I have 99% good reviews and happy customers, but not 100%, because of this buyer. Will I ever get to top level seller status or did that 99% ruin it for me?


Always always over deliver, and you wont have to worry about negative feedback :slight_smile:


Come on dude…that is too much stress. Then if you get 1 negative rating you will be down in the trenches with the rest of us. Just be happy and leave it be.

Actually I think there should be a Level 3 and maybe Level 4 sellers. I think 2 levels and a VERY exclusive third level is way too few. To get to Top Seller, the staff has to pick you. If they don’t like something about you then that’s it, you are done, you will never get there. I think that time you told them to go jump in the lake is coming back to haunt you…or wait…was that me who said that? Never mind… :smiley:


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I bring up some complaints, but do not tell them to go jump in the lake. You’re a funny guy :wink:


No that do not. The one who became TRS in 2 month has like 98 or something. Maybe 99.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I agree, there should be a level 3 and 4 here.


Sounds good to me!


Me 100%


Nope, not all (but that’s been answered already)


I like this idea of additional levels, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, then top rated. It would give people more scope to see those who are experienced and respected by the community and their sellers in large numbers, beyond just Level 2 sellers - because the question is, where is the line between a Level 2 seller and a Top Rated Seller? I’m certain there are many, many superb and experienced Level 2 sellers here.

Of course, you can look at the amount of feedback, rating % etc., but a badge that’s simply there and calculated by Fiverr based on sales, as with Levels 1 and 2, would be cool.

(and I’m not saying that in an egoistic way - I’ve only been here 6 weeks so can’t be Level 2 yet, but I like the possibility of something like that in the future!)


As the year comes to a close I realize that with Fiverr the ratings make us all squeamish and our blood pressure rises if we feel we have been wronged when negative feedback is left… I am in the same boat just sayin


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I’ve avoided any negative experiences with buyers yet, but I’m imagine I’m among the lucky ones in that respect. I hope luck turns your way and you nail TRS ASAP though!


Reply to @princemaxx: Nice!

benmbrodie said: many, many superb and experienced Level 2 sellers here.

I am one of them!


Reply to @benmbrodie: I had a lot of sales and one bad feedback, because the buyer did not read my description. That was before the mutual cancellation feature.


Reply to @caiterz: Sorry to disagree, but I just can’t stomach such an idea, because where do you draw the line? When do you stop delivering? What if a buyer keeps demanding more and more, do you just keep giving it to them? In that situation, you are working for free. Realistically, we are not making a fortune on this site. It’s not like a freelance site where you can name your price. I could show you some of my emails where I deliver the gig, then they ask a question and I respond, then comes another question, and pretty soon, I am answering 20 questions for free. Finally I just stop responding. Some of these buyers don’t even have the decency to give me a positive review. They just allow it to auto close, but they have no problem picking my brain. I find a lot of people are generally greedy and will get what they can for free if they are allowed.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Yeah there should be level 3, 4 or some thing for the sellers who has 500 or 1000 sales. we get level 2 just from 50 sales. so users can’t compare experienced selelrs and new sellers. only clue is account created time. lots of buyers don’t post feedback. and i don’t know how to become a top rated seller 100% satisfied customers and near 500 sales :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: I had one and I hate looking at my 99% rating. Absolutely hate it.


Reply to @arnevb: And the seller too.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks, Ang. How did you find that thumbs down so fast? LOL I already tried to have support remove it, but they said the buyer had to agree and he did not. If becoming TRS is more than just 100% feedback, then I guess I am not worried, but it does look disgusting to see it every time.