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Do all traffic sellers give counterfeit Analytics as "proof"?

so I decided to try ordering traffic gigs… it is for an adult site that I started as an experiment and wanted to see what Avenues of monetizing it would work best anyway back to the topic tried 3 different five or sellers all three in a row we’re quick to supply a ■■■■■■ link that led you to a very convincing look alike/clone of Google Analytics. On the page that you are directed to it has what appears to be analytics data from Google including pageviews geolocation yada yada yada now that would be wonderful and precisely what I ordered


When comparing the alleged Analytics to the numerous Analytics tools I was using on that particular site including but not limited to Google analytics itself Yandex metrica bing analytics WordPress Analytics web stats clicky pwik plug Rush there is one very glaring fact that hits you immediately:

The stats for all of those that I just mentioned are very similar if not identical to one another however none of them remotely resemble what was provided by the seller… not the visitor count not time of day not Geo location or Source medium nothing…

Next major clue that they provided analytics are bogus should occur to anyone who’s ever setup Google analytics before… in order for them to have Google Analytics data for your site especially to that detail it would require them to either upload a file to your server or add a Cname to your DNS or at the bare minimum add some HTML to your header or sign into your Google account - none of which they could have done…

First time I thought well that guy managed to fool tens of thousands of buyers who gave them good reviews that must be a fluke second time was a little hinky was starting to doubt myself third in a row sealed the deal for me all of the top fiverr “traffic sellers” are scammers and don’t send any traffic at all …clear as day

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