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Do all TRS Sellers have 100% feedback?


I would like to know if my one negative review in 12 months is keeping me from becoming TRS. Customer Support will not remove it without the buyer and the buyer is not responding. I even offered that buyer a few upgrade, but nothing. This is disheartening.

Are there any TRS with less than 100%? Mine is 99%.



I feel sorry to hear that. Ur service is great and I dont know why someone can do such a bad thing to leave negative comment even though u offer extra work

anyway, for ur question, i dont think it will effect ur way to TRS. take a look at this:

Tu Michael


I’ve been working really hard on fiverr for almost 2 years, my rating is 100% but still not yet TRS lol


Reply to @tumichael: Thanks, Tu. Love your video of my song, BTW.


No, not all have 100%. What I don’t know is if any got awarded while NOT 100%, does that make sense as a distinction to you? I’m trying to say, while I see some TRS with 99 etc. I don’t know if they had 99% when they got the honorary title.


Hey Bruce ! Like @anarchofighter says I’m not too sure either I have seen a few TRS that only have 99% one I saw was even at around 96% But Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure one day soon you will catch the eye of the Fiverr Admin Team.




I have seen some TRS gigs that don’t have 100% rating. i was browsing yesterday and one gig had order history of over 2000 orders with 2 negative rating but it said 100%. that’s another point, once you have that many orders under your belt, a couple of negative ratings will not hurt you.

i also hope that fiverr recognizes that no matter how steller you are, there are bad grouchy buyers out there and you cannot please everyone all the time.

maybe they have some policy about that, not sure though.


Reply to @jayapatel: Their order count might be a lot more than that I have a gig that gets ordered a LOT but you know what only about 5% of people leave a comment. Makes me “Grrrrr” sometimes but I’m not complain’ the $ are all the same.


Reply to @ozzieuk: yeah, I have another post about that too in this forum.

I assume you are talking about the all too annoying “Your Order Has Been Mark Completed” and you say to yourself “Woohoo, another positive review!” only to find the completed order just says “Order Completed”. LOL and :frowning: