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Do any of you fiverr sellers recommend other sellers?

Do you?

I recommend other sellers that offer services that I don’t with a link in messages.

Sometimes I take the time to look for ratings and other times I look at the portfolio before I recommend. I find there are some really good sample pictures and good English in the Gig description from new sellers, but of course I wouldn’t be able to say, with any certainty whether the end result would be of the same quality.

What would you do? :slight_smile:

I used to recommend other sellers but stopped when someone came back and complained to me about what they got from a seller I recommended.

One thing I’ve learned in my 15+ years dealing with customers of all sizes is that whatever you say is binding. If you recommend someone, it’s advisable that you know their work, service, parents, children -both legitimate and illegitimate-, love interests, pets, criminal record and/or fetishes, because whatever they do wrong may blow back on you, no matter how well intentioned your recommendation was.

That said, if there’s some sort of mutual arrangement with that other seller, it’s up to you to consider taking that risk.

Personally, I sometimes give generic recommendations. E.g., sometimes my customers send me poorly written texts, so I recommend they check Fiverr for proofreaders and tell them there seem to be some very good ones around, and offer a few pointers to weed out the bad ones (check for good ratings, check for customer comments, etc).

Once upon a time I used to recommend other sellers but all the time someone came back and complained to me about what they got from a seller I recommended.Its really embarrassing situation for me.

Never. If I knew the person in the real world and knew that they could be relied upon maybe but not otherwise.

Yeah, I do. Never got a complaint so I guess my choices have been great so far! haha :slight_smile: