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Do any Special Tips get more sales?

Do any Special Tips get more sales?
Experienced Sellers Please comment

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Tips for sales only make sales more likely if it is a professional gig and it’s in-demand and not super competitive.

if you don’t mind have you take a look on my gigs?
and give me some advice?

I Will Secure Your Wordpress Website From Hackers

Your description for the above Gig is very difficult to read. You need to add in more white space (especially between paragraphs) and reduce the amount of bold text.

I also think you’ve used too much highlighting, but I’ll let others be the judge of that.

Remember, these text effects are to be used to make something stand out. If half your description is highlighted and in bold, they lose their magic.


I think some buyers may question your legitimacy because the cost of the programs you need to run these service warrants a higher price point to ensure you get a profit. Remember that the goal in using third-party platforms is to earn a profit. They make your services more valuable, plus they are an expense, so you need to charge more.

On top of the cost of the programs, you need to do a lot of processes to run these things. It takes time.

Either you’re: using programs without paying for a third-party tier or you’re selling this at a loss to your finances, not a profit.

The impression of either scenario is off-putting to buyers.

Don’t take a loss to your business just to try to make a sale. It doesn’t work.

On top of all this, there are additional tasks people need to do to be safe on Wordpress. You make it seem like your gig is all they have to do and that’s just not true. That itself can make people question legitimacy. For example, I’m not a security expert, but by looking at your gig, it looks like I know more than you do about what is necessary. You don’t want prospects thinking they know and understand more than you.

Plus, different security measures are warranted for different tasks. Anything related to ecommerce or memberships requires a lot more security than something that doesn’t involve user-logins. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Wordpress security.

Security needs also vary depending on traffic, content storage needs, etc.


A website is secure as long as its hosting server is secure. Plesk does basically all the tasks included in your Gig, free of charge.

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You may find difficult “to add it”. Plesk is an hosting control panel (as CPanel) deeply integrated in the operating sytem and usually is provided as part of the hosting plan.

@badhon290 please followed by fiverr tips. Fiverr recommended Video is the best way to success. Suppose you apply your own technique to get more jobs and that time fiverr realise that you are doing Something to get more jobs or self marketing, fiverr will take Action against you.
Thanks :slight_smile: And best of luck

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I update It I hope Now it’s Looking nice
Thanks For Your Advice
More appreciated @ahmwritingco

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That’s exactly my point. The security of his services is conditional upon the security of the client’s hosting services. But he doesn’t say that and he kind of implies otherwise. And actually, there are additional tasks you need to do even if you have very secure hosting and all the services this seller performs.

There’s definitely a cost to Gravity Forms and GetResponse. If he’s only integrating existing accounts, that’s different and he needs to explain that, plus integrations themselves tend to cost money… And how can you do all of these backups without paying for high-level cloud storage? Or is he just storing them on his computer?

People are going to wonder what shortcuts he might be taking to make this possible. Also, scanning services DO cost money and you pay more to have an account that will allow you to do that for clients/multiple users. No company offers the use of scanning programs for free.

In any case, it is the impression that you leave on prospects that affects sales. It doesn’t matter if he’s actually not doing anything financially problematic. If it LOOKS like he is, that is going to hurt sales regardless.

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I am just skeptical about the idea of paying someone to click on a CMS panel or on an hosting panel in my place.

  1. Google Cpanel features or Plesk features and look for the parts related to security and backup
  2. Or follow the latest SELinux User’s and Administrator’s Guide (best wishes!)

I am, too. It’s a risk.

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@badhon290 didn’t even have the courtesy to put the link to his Gig, and today I’m feeling too lazy to search it just for taking a look at it and agreeing with you. :neutral_face:


Good evening, Maitasun!

Yes, it’s very annoying when somebody asks us to check out their profile but doesn’t include a link.

Thankfully, Badhon290 has included in his forum profile a link to his Fiverr profile. Here is the link to his Fiverr profile, just in case you’d still like to check out his Gigs:

He’s made some changes since I posted, which have improved his Gig somewhat. I think more could still be made, but I didn’t want to suggest them and interrupt the debate going on above.


Definitely, I agree with you in this comment and on your previous one!

@badhon290 has two Gigs, but has only made changes to one of them. The other one is full of bold and highlights.

In common, both Gigs have the following headaches and problem makers, so I would suggest to get rid of them:

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Client Satisfaction

@maitasun I’m new here
So thanks a lot @maitasun and @ahmwritingco both
for advice

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