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Do anyone Know?

I am a regular buyer here on Fiverr and i always use Paypal when buying a gig.

Do Fiverr Gig supplier Knows my paypal Email, when i buy any gig from him?

As personally i dont want to share my Paypal Email much for safety issues.

Sharing your Paypal Email with who??? Well, i don’t know the exact answer to your question but you can always contact fiverr support to inquire

Sellers do not have access to your PayPal email unless you tell them directly, which would be against Fiverr rules. When you buy a gig, your PayPal details are hidden from sellers. Sellers are not allowed to ask for your personal info. :slight_smile:

Thanks, That’s what i want to know, I also dont prefer to share any personal details with Gig Supplier.
Thanks Again.