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"Do anything." "No, not that."

I’m so sick of buyers telling me I can do anything I want with the gig and then changing their minds and asking me to redo it for free!

I had a buyer today place and order and tell me I could include literally anything except for one specific symbol, which I didn’t come anywhere close to including in my design. Having been given no instructions I visited the buyer’s website and came up with a poster that looks great and includes all the text content they required. They rejected the delivery and asked me to redo the poster, and when I suggested a way to edit it (I allow minor modifications only, as per my gig description) they refused that idea too!

Why weren’t they happy with the graphic? Because it doesn’t apply to the small niche that their business fits. I don’t know a thing about their business beyond what I saw on their website.

I’m trying to compromise here, having already spent way too long on a $5 order. The buyer is totally unbending, and now I’m offering to draw new graphics for free just to protect myself from a bad review on a good product!

Yes, I pointed out that taste-based modifications aren’t allowed in the TOS, and yes, it says in both my gig description and my buyer instructions that I won’t completely redo the gig. Do people read? Unlikely.

Whenever someone tells me that I have complete creative freedom, they almost never mean it. They’re just too lazy to write a brief and expect you to read their mind and work a miracle. I make it clear that if I’m told to do whatever I want then no revisions will be offered.

I hate that too! I now even have “BE SPECIFIC” in my questions because when I take freedoms, it’s never good. And for 5.00 (or even 25.00), I don’t want to brainstorm, ha ha ha! So sorry they are not doing their part!

Hi I Know this might be off topic but i just got this message sent to me from seller
"just got late, sending empty project, send me request modification back"
I have not had any reply to messages is this person scamming me ?
please help

If someone needs something for their business that you may not know anything about, what kind of instructions do you ask for in your gig? Maybe you might want to adjust that if it happens often. And write to them before you start the work and ask for more clarification. If they really refuse to give you any instructions, just do a mutual cancellation right from the start.

Setting the proper expectations for your buyer is how to resolve this in the future.

Before you start on the work , lay out a proper idea and tell them what you’re attempting to achieve. This should happen before any orders are placed (to avoid timers ticking and stress building)

For example: People want a video from me … so they breifly tell me what they need. I ask them a pre-qualifying set of questions and wait for their response…

I also display these very questions in a special link in my gig … so that before they even send me an inbox message they will know what they have to answer to me.

Furthermore , the first message they are presented with when they create an order … displays that same special link with the questionnaire…

So they are hit with this a potential of 3 times. This questionnaire sets the proper expectations as far as what I am capable of doing … the delivery time … and what they need to do prior to or after creating the order.

Perhaps explaining what you plan to do before wasting your time doing it may help.
I know what you mean … I’ve done the same thing you’ve done and it was because the buyer did not supply enough information so I just started doing WHAT I THOUGHT WAS BEST.

And that is where you go wrong.

Its a waste of time on your part … their part … and the only thing you can do at this point is offer a refund/cancellation or turn in your work for a bad rating … Or keep turning in your work , asking for a redo fee from them , and they will eventually report you , cancel your gig via fiverr support (or p/\ypal) and you’ll be even more screwed up as far as your gig/account rankings.

Cheers -

Set proper expectations … create a questionnaire to present to every potential buyers…
Spend less time on the back n forth in your inbox this way … and look more professional all at the same time :slight_smile:

I always ask my clients to be specific for most of the requirements. I like to have the creative freedom but it good to know what kind of result the client has in mind for some clients are very bad at explaining things so they tend to tell at first that they are open to everything but it is just a $5 gig not $500 dollar project. You can’t afford reworking for more than once. Engage the buyer and ask questions that give you insight into what the buyer is looking for. It has helped me a lot.

Reply to @gailbunning: Ha! I have the same wording in all caps. All of my gigs tell them to BE SPECIFIC. And still, they never are.

Reply to @omgratman: They’re trying to buy more time. If they do it this way then it takes away your option to cancel due to late delivery. You can ask for a mutual cancellation to get your money back. If they refuse, report them to customer service. They can cancel for you.

Reply to @omgratman: If it’s someone you haven’t worked with before, I’d cancel so they can’t scam you. Get your money back and buy from someone who will complete the gig in the time they say they will.

Reply to @sincere18: It doesn’t happen often but every time it does happen it’s a huge hassle. In my gig instructions I ask that they specify all the content they want, and give examples such as text, symbols, and colours. I also ask that buyers who aren’t sure what they want contact me first. Not sure what else I can do!