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Do BRs appear hourly?

SO I have been on Fiverr for 5 weeks now and I have done about 5 orders. I was just wondering if I should check BRs hourly instead of every minute.

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Checking too much is crazy, hourly is already better but knowing the usual times is best.
They appear in short bursts at European lunch time and before or after dinner for me, never anytime else. I check them just twice or thrice a day and they’re pretty much always there.


Sure but then there is the odd one randomly at mid-day that not many people get to so if I am one of them then surely I will get the request - hopefully. Is there some way to get notified when a BR pops up?

Nope. BRs are meant to be volatile so that only immediate responses count, as they go away in anywhere between 30 seconds to 15 minutes to prevent too many people from making offers.
If Fiverr had a permanent bulletin system for requests, every buyer would get swarmed with 5-10k people asking them for work, and at that point they wouldn’t be able to choose a seller.

Haha makes sense thanks. One last question are BRs tareted like language, location and so on. Except for the search tags

There are no region locks, all requests you see are requested in your gigs’ categories.

Thanks so much. Appreciate it

Checking hourly is a very ineffective use of your time.

Stop assuming the time distance of your response is what dictates being chosen. It isn’t. The quality and suitability is.

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