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Do bulk of tshirts design

please your suggestions about this gig :

Once again you are back with images from Pinterest…

and when you say delivery and it is shirts people will assume you are selling shirts not design.

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There are 2 google translation gig, so… my question, Google is free to used. Why anyone will purchase your gig and translate using google translation?

Please don’t desperate for order.

And your background removal, is very bad. Clearly using online website/ app to do it. Your gig profile , arm and fingernail all disappeared,

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ok thanks bro for your advice :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My best advice is stop trying hard. Stop Fiverr, don’t waste your time on this platform.
Go master your existing skills and improve your skills

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no, i will work hard and i will become a professional seller

I am not negative in my comments I am just pointing out that you are doing things against TOS. If you do not want to remove your photos your GIG will be deleted as it brakes TOS of Fiverr.

And I do not speak, I type.

If someone posts Improve my GIG and using stolen artwork we always point that out so he can correct the images. That is not negative. That is helpful.

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ok thanks for your advice