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Do buyer requests need to give an offer?

Hi, I am very new on fiverr and finally someone accepted my inquiry from their buyer request.
Now the person only told me what I have to do but he didn’t send me an offer. (You know, that small window where you have to click accept and then it acts like an order.)
Should I ask him for an offer? Because I highly doubt that the person will send me money after I’ve done the work. I even have the feeling it’s a scam…
Or should I just trust him and send him the work and wait for the money?
Thanks in advance!


He needs to pay you upfront, send him custom offer

if the buyer is trying to get you to do the work first before playing, don’t do it. it’s probs a scam.

I do believe it’s a scam. After putting my offer he quickly declined and rushed off. He then opened a new buyer request to search for other innocent new sellers that he can rip off. Such a scumbag.

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You’ll need to remove the buyer’s username from the screenshot, I’m afraid. Naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forum.

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The better thing to do is to politely ask buyer that should I send you a custom offer so that I could start working. If he doesn’t response then leave him you will fine another one and if he is not a scammer then he will reply you to send offer.

Fiver will not be responsible if you did his work without initiating the order and make him accept it.

if you believe they are scamming and have evidence then you might wanna report that to fiverr’s customer support