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Do Buyer Requests Still Work?

Hi everyone,
I’m a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, and I’ve NEVER received a single order as a result of my proposals on Buyer Requests. I’ve sent over 100 offers, and still NOTHING. Aside from the annoying spammers who post their gigs on the BR section, how exactly is a serious seller supposed to take advantage of the BRs to generate more sales?

Here’s an outline of the Pitch I typically employ in my proposals. Please let me know if you find anything that could use some correction. (NOTE: This is NOT the actual pitch; it is just an OUTLINE)

“Hi Username, I will like to work with you on this insert project. I have experience designing stuff for Businesses, I guarantee a maximum return on investment. You can see some of my past work in my gig portfolio. I look forward to working with you.” insert custom offer details*"

Can someone please point out to me where I may be getting it wrong?
Any tips/tricks to increase my conversion rate?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Please concentrate on your proposal writing. Always put a summary of your solution in proposal. I have finished $800+ orders in month of sep. Being a totally new seller

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Thanks for your reply sharoonamin.

I would like to ask you a few questions though?

  1. What niche(s) exactly do you offer services in?
  2. Would you be kind enough as to leave an outline or maybe a past sample of one of your proposals that you’ve sent to a buyer, so that I can note the areas where I need to make changes?

Question number 2 is most paramount. Really look forward to your reply.

Sure, I work in web programming, mobile and desktop.

Greetings how are you i hope you will be fine. I am an experienced software developer with extensive experience in erp industry. I have analyzed your requirements in details. My proposed solution is to build your software in laravel a mvc presentation layer. I will design the software so i will be open to addition of new modules. I am open to use VTIGER as CRM and also other choices, worked previously with dolibar erp. What i am offering. 1) Identity and access management system 2) Job listing 3) CRM intergration. 4) Proper software design & documentation 6) responsive design.

Thanks a lot sharoonamin.

I really appreciate that you put out a sample of your proposal.

For me, I work in the design niche, and it really may not be so easy to describe the aspects of my work, and what makes it different, using just words. For things like design, you typically have to view the final output before you can judge whether a work is good or not. And so, most times, we designers resort to using our portfolios to show off what we can do. But it just seems like even this isn’t enough. I typically include a link to my portfolio in my offers, but still NADA!

It may just be a niche thing. I’m not sure if any other designers experience this; I would really love to hear from them too.

Thanks a lot for your help though; I am definitely already thinking up ways to present my design offerings in a more concrete manner, the way you do yours.

Actually i am animator as well so know little about design as well. What i use to do was that i write the expression way they can have their story told through art work. little about golden ratio, how a circles provide smoothness and line draw attention. How it can be an aggressive message and how i can be expressed as smooth. This way they buyer sense that they can tell you their imagination and you can translate their story in art. so include 3 things when writing design proposal

  1. Your proposed story
  2. How effectively it aligns to their campaign and marketing
  3. What alternative expressions you can create
  4. Link an example of your work which illustrates your above proposal.

Thanks a lot friend! Will do all these! Hope to see much better results after implementation!

Your proposal is so generic. Put something specific in there to prove that you really read the job description and analyzed the project.