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Do buyers care if they see that I have orders in queue on my gig?

This is something that occurred to me recently. I am new to Fiverr and my gig is to deliver a “James Earl Jones quality voiceover for $5.” I realized that when I have a gig in queue, more people tend to order at that time, in comparison to times when i do not have any orders in queue at all. I guess my question is, are buyers more inclined to buy my gig if they see that I have other gigs to do, or is that not true. Please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah, I have been experimenting with that for the long time that I have been here and seem to get many more orders if I let them accumulate in the queue. This may vary of course, by niche’.

Maybe folks are more tempted to buy when there’s a queue for the same reason people get on line at a restaurant - they want to get to their order ahead of the next guy.

Of course that depends on whether it’s even true that the queue matters.

Reply to @freelancemm: Yeah that seems to be happening for me too. I would think that gigs with no orders in the queue are better because there is nobody ahead of you and your order would be the first thing the seller works on, but I guess its more of a “oh other people are ordering from him so I guess he’s good” thing as well.

Reply to @freelancemm: Agreed! More in queue, more orders. Weird, right?! Sometimes I have a lot of stuff to deliver but I hold off. It’s a shame.

Absolutely! Over the weekend I struggled for orders, however, on Monday, I received 17 orders in the space of 12 hours. Talk about a domino effect?! :slight_smile: