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Do buyers consider late offers?


I’m new to Fiverr. And, I spend considerable amount of time refreshing “Buyer Requests” section. Every time I look through the new buyer requests, they are already filled with a great number of offers!

So, this brings me back to my query, “Do buyers even consider late offers?” Or, do they give preference to the top ten offers or something?

Thank you.


It’s the wishes of buyer . Buyer can filter the seller request like top rated seller, new seller, lowest budge etc. It’s totally depend what’s on buyer wishes.


Its totally depend on buyer wishes to whom he or she will knock.

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If your request is 100% unique then it has a possibility to win job.

Sitting on the Buyers Request page 24/7 isn’t going to win you a lot of work.

What will get you those jobs is what you use to present your offer.

You have to stand out from the rest as you have already noted that there are a lot of other Sellers sending offers where you are as well.

Be different.

Be patient.