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Do buyers contact you under different usernames?

I have had multiple buyers contact me under a different username wanting an update on a pending order. Can you have multiple accounts on I thought rating the buyer was useless in the first place, but if this is the case, it really is pointless…

I think you mean multiple buyers contact you, the seller?

Well, it did happen to me once. No, you are not allowed multiple buyer accounts. BTW, a buyer account is the same as a seller account, because you can both buy and sell with the same account.

When it happened to me, I did not report the buyer because I wanted to complete the sales in a timely fashion and otherwise it was a nice buyer.

But in hindsight, this is not right at all. I should have reported that person.

However, having two buyer’s accounts could lead to potentially crazy situtations such as one ‘buyer’ giving a negative review on the first part of a job and another a positive one on a second part of a job?! I do not know …

The funniest thing that happened to me was two really different buyers buying gigs for one job. That was above board, because one buyer wanted to help the other out so he could buy sufficient gigs to have a job done.

In my view however, rating a seller is not pointless, because if you do have a bad experience with a buyer, you would want other sellers to know. I know I would.

That’s what I get for posting late at night. I clarified my post.