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Do buyers ever find new sellers on Fiverr// If not where do i find buyers myself?

I just made my seller account yesterday and added 2 gigs. Im a professional violinist and a singer so i do recordings for producers and stuff like that.
Im curious, since i used fiverr before and i never really looked at new sellers with 0 feedback, do people ever do? I think i put a much cheaper gig for the same work as those with a lot of feedback.

Im not expecting to get work right away but since i cant really promote my fiverr anywhere on my own social media since the folks i know and work with in my every day life already know how to contact me and are aware of what i do.

Is there anywhere we can promote our gigs outside our personal social media?


No one does and they stay at 0 forever. It’s a mystery how the others became more than 0 which defies explanation.


Really? Does Fiverr team or their algo help at all to give new sellers a chance?


No I was being sarcastic. Of course people move up from zero, how do you think they get to other levels?

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Oh. :slight_smile:
Maybe they were here early, i dunno…

So just wait and hope for the best?

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Everyone starts at zero no matter when they got here. If you qualify then you move up in levels.

Of course if you never make any sales then you won’t.

Some sellers begin making sales immediately and some never do, and everything in between. That’s where YOU come in. Let’s see if you can figure out how to get sales.


There are usually some buyers that shop around on fiverr and give chances to those without feedback so that’s how many sellers get their first order. If you’re good, the person is gonna become a repeat buyer and then you’ll start attracting more. So wait for that special one I guess.


I recommend making a specific social media page for your Fiverr page! It would keep things separate from your personal account, and spreading the word helps a ton. :slightly_smiling_face:

This may be helpful to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

Enjoyed your violin playing gig. You are very talented.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. :smiley:
Ill take a look at the text.

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Of course they do. Everyone starts as a new seller with 0 reviews.

It can be difficult if your niche is oversaturated (like logo design, with tens of thousands of gigs), but even then, it’s possible to succeed if your work is exceptional. If there isn’t much demand for your services, that could be a problem, too.

You can create a Facebook page for your Fiverr business, Twitter account, Instagram account… Both Twitter and Instagram allow you to have more than one account, so you can create new ones just to promote your Fiverr services.


Thx for the ideas. :slight_smile:

Got my first gig 2 days ago so im pretty happy the ball is rolling. :smiley: