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Do Buyers expect the "last Thank You"?

In the scheme of conversations and order deliveries, Do buyers expect the last courtesy “Thank You message” from sellers?

When Buyers give a good review and rating or when then say “Thank you for your great work!” etc - I’m prompted to respond with messages like "Much appreciated :slight_smile: “, " Thanks for the great review and rating!” and so on.

But, I became more succinct and minimalist with my communication over time and this got me into thinking: One more message means the Buyer will recieve one more e-mail/app notification and probably will be prompted to login to Fiverr only to find a “Thank you message”.

So, is it ok to skip this last courtesy message or, will it come about as rude?

I underdstand it totally depends upon the situation - but asking for the general scheme of things.


I send that message only if the buyer tips me, and that too because Fiverr wants me to say thanks to them.


Like Writer, I only say thank you for tips. Usually the buyer thanks me.


In my case, I say “Thank you” to my buyers in our conversations or in the public feedback. I only say my thanks in the public feedback if I can’t contact the buyer in the order delivery (because the order is already complete). I do this because these people took the risk to order from me even though I’m a new seller. :blush: Not all buyers would take the risk of ordering a gig from a newbie.


Me too. Only for the buyers who tip me.


@writer99025 I do the same thing. I only say thank you in inbox after completing order, when they give me tip


I’m not sure saying thank you to the buyer is appropriate but it may depend on cultural differences among countries.

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Oh! It’s like, I was being over courteous all along…

Agree with you all tough. If you don’t message after getting a tip that’s grandfather-of-rude.


I don’t think it’s necessary to send a “thank you” just because the buyer gave you a great review. Your return review pretty much says it all.

I think it’s courteous to say “thank you” via inbox after receiving a gratuity. Buyers like being appreciated as much as sellers do.

I had a 5r cover designer, who was consistently late with her deliveries, no explanation, just “here’s your delivery” between few hours to few days late. She may or may not respond to my inquiry on the status.

I used to write her a great review and gratuity - simply, she did good work and wanted to keep using her. Edit: She never acknowledged the gratuity once!"

I finally got fed up with her lack of communication and tardiness. I looked and found two other designers who were equally amazing. I haven’t used her since.

5r is a wonderful place with tons of amazing sellers. :slight_smile:


Either tips or not, I say thank you for the buyer.


I always send a thank you with a free pdf on the topic they can use.


I quite agree, the hallmark of lousy service is the WalMart cashier who just hands you your receipt and says nothing. I always thank my buyers who either complete feedback or leave a tip. As far as the folks who don’t communicate and just let the order auto complete, my thank you is in the delivery script, so all good.

As far as balance, I think the person accepting money for services is more expected to say Thanks. Although it is nice when your services are appreciated as well.


That’s extreme customer service, lol! But I’m sure the client would be pleased…it has an element of surprise.

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Yes obviously they are

Try to maintain it

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