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Do buyers get notified when you respond to their reviews?

Like my title says… Anyone know? :slight_smile:

Nope, I didn’t get a notification.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug because as a buyer I would like to be notified and it seems logical, who knows what Fiverr thinks.

You’ll get a notification as a seller though when an order is reviewed.

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Interesting. Thank you!

Nope :neutral_face: , when I did purchases I didn’t get notifications too. But later, after I checked the seller’s gig again, I saw that the seller left a review.

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In the past I think buyers did get a notification, at least for negative counter-reviews, because I had a few situations where the buyer would leave a negative or unfair review to which I responded with a negative review revealing their hidden motives and such, after which they would get angry at me and change their review again, or contact me in Inbox to ask me to change my review (go figure :smirk:)

So maybe Fiverr just doesn’t want the old-style review / counter-review battle between buyers and sellers :smiley:

More so, there’s a chance that a buyer who gets a notification that they’ve been reviewed will contact you and keep you busy chatting in Inbox. Just thinking out loud here :stuck_out_tongue:


Sold! I can get behind that logic :slight_smile:

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