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Do buyers hate that?



I have recently got few buyers who want to try my service out. As normal buyers do, they ask for how much the project they discussed will cost.

I don’t really like to say a number and that’s it. I love to know the buyer’s budget and also tell him how much this project will actually cost. And then we both can discuss the cost that the buyer will be able to pay & It matches the effort and time will be put it.

Unfortunately, after I ask them about their budget in a nicely way to show that I care that they try my service out, none of them answers.

So my question here is redirected to buyers, do you hate when sellers ask you about your budget? Should I stop doing that and saying the actual cost immediately? Or it’s totally fine & maybe that’s just bad luck? :confused:


some of buyers dont even give a single reply after getting to know that how much i am gonna charge lol


:smile: That’s what I fear. I don’t want to give them a number that they weren’t ready to hear.


therefore I write them to create offer lol


I have a way to know their budget but that’s my little secret. I have previously asked buyers their budget then later on I tried to put myself in their position. If someone asked for my budget I would assume they are trying to rip me off because lets say you charge 10$ for the service but then I tell you my budget is 500$. The seller will say "Well in that case you are in luck because I only charge 499$… You will up your charges depending on how much the buyer was willing to pay.


But it I’ll be too late as they already turned their eyes off from your service when they saw the number. :thinking:


Maybe that’s why? :thinking: It actually makes sense.


Yeah, I really don’t like being asked for a budget (as a buyer).
Exactly as @phantompower said above, I would assume the price will then be put up to match my budget - this is often the case too!
Decide the price you want for the job and if they say something a little lower then maybe think about offering a special deal but don’t go too low either. You will also find buyers who will try saying “$5” for a bigger job hoping you are desperate. These jobs are never worth it, so sometimes you just walk away.


I always try to ask the budget first, and there’s a very easy (and quite honest) way to do it, depending on your service (although, if the budget is a matter of discussion, this tip will probably apply):

“Hey, I get the general idea of what you’re looking for, but that can be a 50$ job or a 500$ job depending on the complexity you’re looking for. What would be your budget for this project, so I can tell you exactly what I can do for that price?” - I work in video, and this works very well for me (I can make a videoclip in an hour or in 10 days, the result will be different and so will the price). This will also work for web design, campaigns, etc. What this will not work on is very specific, repeatable tasks, but those have usually a fixed (low) price anyway.

MAIN TIP: don’t get into the details of the project right away. FIRST get the budget. Then you can adjust the details to that budget :slight_smile:

BOOM. You know how much he is willing to spend, and you adapt the amount of work you are willing to have based on that price. Perfect solution :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr.Eoin. I should stop asking for budgets then since buyers don’t like it.

I just don’t want them to feel uncomfortable after hearing the number and just go away and ignoring the message. Neither I would like to create a website for $5.


One thing you can always do is ask if there are any of your packages that suits them better - that might get them to say something about what they want and how much they can pay but without you asking them directly.


That’s also a great idea! But 90% of the buyers come knowing exactly what they need.
For example, a buyer says he want a landing page with a PHP form created for $5. Should I tell him that I will create the landing page only for $5 but not the PHP form? Even if he accepted, he probably will leave a fair or a negative review for this attitude.

Anyway, I really love the idea & I might try it out and see how it goes. Thank you for the tips!


That will depend on your specific field of business. If it’s a binary thing (either you do something / don’t do something), fixed prices will be more common. If the product is subjective in any way, it’s easier to ask for a budget first.


That’s a tricky one! :smile: I think this idea will fit my service as well as I do not like to ask for budgets directly.


Yep, this is always a interesting game between buyer and seller. Buyer doesn’t want to tell his budget as he hopes he will get it cheaper,while seller want to know budget as he doesn’t want to quote too high or too low. :slight_smile: I always try to figure out budget with methodes mentioned above - so I can design something for 5 or 500 bucks, but result will be different.


Yep, it will always depend on the kind of work you do. For certain kinds of tasks (like coding a php form) the budget should be, mostly, fixed, as the work is always the same (yeah, you can try to make clients pay more, and you can definitely do that- not judging! - but you will run into that very problem of how to guess the buyers budget). For design, writing, creative tasks in general, you can almost always go with the “what’s your budget so I can tell you what I can do for that” strategy. And notice that this isn’t dishonest or trying to take advantage of the client at all, unlike the first case. This is just to correctly assess how long it will take and how much time you can spend to get paid your hourly rate (that’s something YOU have to decide) within the clients budget.


Many thanks to you & the other folks in the discussion. You really helped me a lot. Thank you for your time :heart:


Always a pleasure to discuss business! Good luck!


Yes. The price is the price. Otherwise it’s like “saying how much does this cost?” and the answer is “How much you got.” Quote a firm price right away.


I agree with Mike that you need to say a price. And don’t be afraid to say more than you think you can get. If they say they can’t afford it then you can say you will give them a discount.

Send them a custom offer if you have that option quickly.