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Do buyers have a choice to review?

I’m not being grabby bcoz I’m asking for review but buyers usually get asked to review right? My buyer said multiple times he would give me a good review but it never showed up. And since we live in 12 hour different time zones we can’t communicate easily.


Hm… If he reviewed it would have shown up! But, don’t ask him to give you a review cause you could get a warning that way!


I know thats why I shut my mouth :smiley:

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Oh okay! Then, he might have forgotten! But, it’s fine! You will get reviews at some point!

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Thanks for encouragement! :poop:

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You know, funny enough whenever a buyer promises a good review that comes across to me as a huge red flag. I am suspicious of anyone trying to butter me up during a project :cry:

Having said that, either they didn’t say it in earnest, they haven’t gotten around to it yet, or they just forgot. I have loads of clients that I know are super happy with the work but just choose not to leave a review or even mark the order as complete. It happens a lot!


Thanks for the story. The guy was my FIRST order btw. But pls understand I’m not being grabby bcoz of making this topic

It’s not grabby. It’s understandable.

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I didn’t think that! It is a totally reasonable question :slight_smile:


Just to be sure, you’re aware that you’ll only be able to see a buyer’s review after you left your review for them?

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@gwyneth_galvin makes a very good point.

In my experience buyers that promise to leave a good review tend to be the worst buyers (or even scammers). They are using the promise of leaving good feedback as leverage to encourage you to do work cheaply / quickly / or extra work unpaid.

Nowadays if someone talks about feedback before they’ve even placed an order, I refuse to work with them. It is a massive red warning flag.


Coming to think of it, isn’t it kind of weird that we sellers are only able to write a review to the buyer if they gave us a review? If they just mark the order as complete, we don’t get to write a review as far as I know. Same if they chose to have the order mark as complete automatically. If we’re supposed to write unbiased reviews, shouldn’t we be able to review buyers despite not having received one from them? :thinking:

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It makes the system unhinged but I don’t find it particularly weird. Fiverr probably doesn’t want to risk driving buyers away in droves, and not just “bad buyers”, there are buyers who don’t review because of privacy reasons and most probably also wouldn’t want to be “publicly reviewed”, there are people who have their real name or company name as username, or some other name that could be linked to them by mighty Google.

Other platforms don’t allow any review of customers at all, see Amazon.

I think we’ve discussed all this ad nauseam when the feedback system changed, and probably said it then already but anyway, I think sellers should get the option to leave a “private review” for Fiverr’s eyes only, then, if certain buyers got extraordinarily many bad reviews, they could check to make sure whether it’s a user they want on their platform or not.


I completed more than 1000 orders, but I only had 872 reviews, and I never ask buyers for a review , for me , it’s up to them if they want to leave a review or not .