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Do buyers have a lot of money to waste? NO NO NO NO NO Offense to Anyone

Why do buyers pay more when they can get the same thing and same quality on low cost?

Is there any difference between a business card made by a Top Rated Seller who replies you late during the delivery time because you pay him only $5 (or perhaps because he has a lot of work to do) and asks you to pay more when you need a single edit in the business card and a business card made by a new seller who replies you fast during the delivery time because you pay him $5 (or perhaps he don’t have much work to do) and do unlimited revisions until you are satisfied even after delivery?

I know there is difference between an expert and a beginner. But having low sales on fiverr doesn’t mean the person is beginner in his field. It just mean he started selling his skill on fiverr now. If they are giving you something on low cost, why don’t you buy it?

NO NO NO NO NO Offense to TOP RATER SELLERS, they are our seniors. But we juniors need some attention.

I my self do revise even after delivery. I provide revisions up to 1 month on some of my gigs. I would have presented examples (if it was not against forum rules) of gigs which really worth more than $5 but sellers are providing it for getting the STARS, which attracts buyers.

Again NO NO NO NO NO Offense to anyone.

So NO NO NO NO NO negative comments please :stuck_out_tongue:

I could say a lot in response to your post because I don’t agree with some of it. However, I’m only going to say one thing. Putting this: “NO NO NO NO NO negative comments please” on an open public forum is at best useless and at worst will bait people. You have so many No’s in your post that even your own post looks negative. (Kidding with you in a way on this!)

Anyway, I wouldn’t put anything on a public forum that requires people to post/not-post any specific way in response, unless you are simply asking people to not violate the forum Do’s and Dont’s. That’s it, for now. :slight_smile:

Having an opposite view is ok. Expressing it is also OK. I added NO NO for fun as the post is very serious.

Seems like a bit of a non-issue to me. If buyers are concerned about extracting maximum bang for their buck through revisions, constantly being kept in the process…yeah, I don’t want that. Buyers who are like this usually reveal their cards very early on, thankfully!

I just don’t get it when people moan about Juniors v Seniors. It really doesn’t matter–talent will float to the top eventually, and even the most top of top sellers was once a junior. Just keep at it. We’ve all spent time down in the salt pits of online work…

If you are posting beause you are wanting more sales, then go out and advertise and get some.

I’ve read posts about new people getting their first order within hours.
Talented and unique gigs will be seen. If not, just keep promoting it. If the gigs are truly
well made and professional, buyers will notice them for sure.