Do Buyers have any recourse in the event a provider does not deliver the goods


I have been a member for about 2 years as a buyer only. I don’t frequent the site but for those off the wall projects we dont handle int the office then I will turn to Fiverr for help. Do we have any recourse in the event a provider doesn’t deliver the goods? Is there a way to look up the providers history? And are you telling me that once we put the order in Fiverr releases the funds to the provider before they hear from the buyer if the project was completed or completed satisfactorily?


Other than contacting Support, good prior communication helps.


You can learn about the history of the buyer from their profile. there’s a graphic above the map that shows the seller recent deliveries, you can tell if a seller have been active or not, also fiverr deactivate users who haven’t used fiverr for about two weeks I think. You can also read a gig reviews to tell if it was old or recent.

I’m a seller for almost 8 months now. When you submit an order a seller doesn’t receive any funds, it’s like on a hold mode. once the buyer deliver the work and you mark the order as completed, they receive the money. If the seller didn’t deliver your order in the time frame, you can cancel your order and receive a full refund. believe me no buyer wants to miss their delivery time or do a sloppy work. when they do that you get the chance to leave them a bad review (in both canceling and the delivery of poor service or missing deadline)… a seller rating will drop from a single bad review and it takes a lot to bring it back up. Hope that helps.

  1. Do we have any recourse if the seller doesn’t provide the goods?

    Yes. You can hit the MODIFY order button IF they do send you sub par work. If they are LATE or never send the order, first try to communicate with the seller; if that does not bring results after the seller is late for 24 hours after the projected delivery date, YOU can click the CANCEL button and have your funds returned to your Fiverr balance. Note that you will NOT get your funds back in your PayPal; they will only go to your Fiverr balance to be used on another Fiverr purchase.

  2. Is there a way to look up a seller’s history?

    Yes and No. If the seller has been a provider here and sold Gigs, they should have ratings. In the upper right corner of their Gig page, it will show the average rating for that Gig and gold stars will accompany it. You can also see if they are a Level 1, 2 or Top Rated Seller as well. Below their Level (if they have one) there will be their overall rating on the site, which can give you an idea of whether they follow through. There may also be a Cancel % Rate on their profile showing how many cancellations they tend to have. If you scroll down on any Gig they offer, you should be able to read written feedback from those who have bought their Gig. If they offer it, you should also be able to see samples of their work alongside the review. The reason I said “No” as well, is if they are a new seller and have not received a review, you would not have a track record to base your decision on. This does NOT mean you should not order from a New Seller. Some are diamonds in the rough, new to the site, and just waiting to impress buyers! If you have a project that needs detail, be sure to work with the seller explaining what you need, and be sure they can do what you are asking before ordering. A lot of confusion occurs on this site when buyers just click buy and don’t fully read or ASK questions first!
  3. Are the funds released to the Seller before they ever provide the work?!?

    NO! When we receive an order, we have however many days we put on our Gig page to finish and deliver it to you, the buyer. After that, the buyer typically gives a review and the funds are then Pending Clearance for 14 days. It can take up to 17 days for us to see that money available to move to our PayPal or Payoneer accounts. We do NOT get paid immediately! That 14 to 17 day period is to protect the Buyer if the work is not up to par or there are other issues. This way, the money can be put back in your account IF the Seller did not follow through or if a cancellation or other issue arose.

    Hope that helps.