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Do buyers not get notified when given a custom offer?

I’ve been having some issues lately regarding custom offers. A lot of the times I talk with a client first before they are ready to buy. When we’re at an agreement, I send a custom offer. They accept through the messages and that’s it. They don’t go on to fill out the buyer requirement. So what ends up happening is I record their project, and then I send a message to them both in the gig page and through the message system. I tell them they need to fill out the buyer requirements before the gig can techinically be started. But then they ask for a link, or where to do it. Wouldn’t my message on the gig pop up as a notification to them? Were they not notified in the first place that that needs to happen? Why are my buyers so confused about this? I don’t want to send a message along with my custom offer with a tutorial of how to find the gig each time.

When you say they “accept” through the message, are you saying that the buyer is not paying for the gig, but you go do the work anyway?

Are you properly sending them a custom offer? YOu don’t just do it through email messages back and forth, that’s is just for working out the details so you know what to offer.

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They click the accept offer button.

Ok, but on that link above about Custom Offer it states this:

  • The buyer will receive an email notification where they can accept your offer.
  • If the buyer accepts the offer, an order will be created and the delivery time will be based on what you wrote in the original offer.
  • Custom Offers are available for all sellers. Offer limits vary per seller level.

So it sounds like there is nothing else that has to be done, everything is worked out in the emails back and forth, you should be getting the requirements for the job via all the messages, no?

I think I know what happened. There is a new feature when sending an offer through your messages to offer up one of your gigs, instead of a complete custom offer. That way I can fill out the order form for them, (2 gigs + a gig extra, etc) However, it doesn’t give you the option to fill out the buyer requirements. So even if they accept, that portion is kept blank.

I guess since it’s a new system, they haven’t worked out all the kinks yet. So i’ll go back to doing a full custom offer.