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Do buyers not read past the title of gigs?

Do buyers not read past the title of gigs? I have had a few issues lately where apparently the buyer only read my title and ordered. Then when I delivered they were demanding something of which I didn’t offer(only explanation of which is they didn’t read the whole gig and assumed a lot based on the title.) Do you get these kind of buyers a lot, too? I almost want to take one of my gigs down as it’s more of a hassle than anything as buyers seem to assume a whole lot and expect what I would charge $25 and up for $5. Apparently already offering services at a bargain isn’t enough for some buyers.

@kjblynx I got yet another one that thought I would spend the equivalent of at least 5+ hours of effort for $5 on one of my research gigs. Despite me clearly laying out what I provide for the initial gig and gig extras. sigh kind of frustrating. It’s the reason I dropped one of my broad research gigs even though I got a lot of orders a day on it. People just don’t read what the gig offers. This month’s really been a disaster for me. I think, honestly. One of the worst months I have ever had in my almost 3 years being here.

I have a press release gig in which I write 50 words/ per $5. It is highly not recommended to only have a 50 word press release. I even have it highlighted in the gig description what my rates are. Well, I’d say 30% of people who purchase my gig don’t take the time to read the description… even when it is highlighted! They always get upset and request to cancel when they realize I will not research their topic and provide a 200+ word press release for only $5 with my qualifications. Not fun!

If someone gets really bored, they should do a count of how many thread titles could simply be answered. “No.” :slight_smile:

@itsyourthing Ha, yeah. I felt like “ranting” again. it’s just getting quite annoying to me again. April is apparently an awful month to do business, maybe it was just me though. I mean, I still got a reasonable amount of average orders but had to deal with wayyy too many annoying buyers this month.

Reply to @kjblynx: I had one person try to get me to prepare their office presentation for an initial base price gig order, that was just hilarious.