Do Buyers Patronize Africans


Hello people, I am wondering whether buyers patronize Africans and if they do what kind of gigs do they buy.


I don’t believe this happens here. Fiverr is a skills based network, not racial based network.

Yet, if you bumped into a buyer that did something that has a racial scent, I strongly urge to address customer support over & over so that they will pay attention & take care of the problem.

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From my experience and that of others African in Africa, I discovered that the rate of our gig being bought is not the same with that of people of other nationality, that’s why most people usually lie about their location on their profile.

Our skill set matches the required level for a task but we are still snubbed due to location.

You might think this happens rarely, but I tell you it does happen.


It probably has more to do with some problems with English grammar than anything else.


When you say patronize, I presume you mean it in the sense of - do buyers place orders with Africans, rather than do buyers talk down to Africans?


I recently joined, but have been monitoring this site for a while now and what am saying is real.


Solid detective work, Sherlock.


Did you monitor all the account?? If not how many accounts did you monitor in order to come up with a conclusion?? Was my account one of them?? I already know many sellers from Africa and most of them are level 2 and top sellers, did you see their accounts too. In the end end your theory will remain only a theory because you don’t have proof… And btw if you change your location and make wrong sentence construction. I will know you ain’t from where you changed your location to. If you call me bro, brother, dear, sir etc. I block you asap… If you say you are from USA and then timezone says you are located in the middle of a pond, block that.


A nationality is not a race. There are many races in Africa.


That’s a good point.


The racist card is played too often totally out of context these days.
Therefore here a prime example of a South African beauty.
And yes, they come in all colors. Black, white, light brown, dark brown etc.




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I even was in the mosh pit of one of their concerts. I love Die Antwoord and seen that their African slang has a lot of Dutch influences I actually understand what they are singing.
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Seeing you post and the pic, for a moment I thought I was in that other thread and you just had made an argument for the fake profile pics of those guys not being fake. :wink:


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I listen to a lot of different music. I am not easy to pigeon hole, luckily.
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It was an argument on the racism remark above.


DU HAST! Indeed!:sunglasses: