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Do buyers read our gigs?

I’m wondering if buyers really read our gigs before making an offer, because i keep getting requests that have nothing to do with my gigs

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Really! they should have read, if they order something that you are not providing then you should tell them. I recommend you to be clear on gig about and also use a picture that contains your overall gig idea @omar0123

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I think that my gigs are clear ,and I also use pictures illustrate what I can provide

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Sometimes they do, it depends on the type of people you know. Some people are choosy, they take time before hiring someone, some people are just too busy. They ask a simple question to many sellers, then try to figure out if anyone can do the work.


The short answer is “no”. It may be because of the overall site design that doesn’t express the importance of gig description well enough, or because the gig description is written in a confusing way and is too long to read through.

People seriously don’t read or even look at the samples. I also occasionally get: “I like your style BUT I need something entirely different”. And it’s a lucky day when I find it out before delivering the files.


I think this might be it. Most of the inquiries I get are about things I don’t offer now. This is a development that just started sometime this year.
I find the layout now is confusing. We see the profile, the ratings, the reviews and the gig description all in one column.

Before, the main thing to look at when you clicked on a gig was the gig description. People are intimidated by so much to read all bunched together and just click the contact button to ask if I will do whatever odd thing they have in mind.

Some also put a laundry list of things they want in the requirements section now that have nothing to do with my gig for some reason.