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Do buyers receive their order first then buy them?

Im sure I’m putting this under the wrong category but I must be sure!

Im new to Fiverr and I just got my first gig…I think.

My client and I have been talking and we have reached the point where they are telling me what they want in their gig.

but…my client has not purchased a gig itself yet?

So when it comes to Fiverr…do clients receive their order and then pay for it or am I being tricked and my client should order a gig first? Thank you!

They click order and then you see something like the screenshot attached, which is the order page.

Just without the completion status ;D

They have to go to the gig page itself and click “Order” Don’t start working on the order unless they’ve actually ordered the gig!!

That’s when the buyer pays (The money is held by Fiverr at first) and you will see an order page like the one @matrixdevuk posted.

Once you deliver the order and the buyer marks it as complete (or three days elapses) Fiverr delivers the funds to you.

In the event that the order is cancelled by mutual agreement, then Fiverr would take the funds and give them back to the buyer.