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Do buyers see all the offer sent to their request?

Please I want to know
Do buyers see all the offer sent to me when they place a request

I mean I see offer of over 100
Do buyers see and read all of them???


Yes if you send them offer related to there work and to the point.

Yes, they can see all of them, however if an offer is poorly written and does not address the buyer’s needs, the offer may be deleted.

Gina has some advice for how to write an offer.

You are a buyer on fiverr?

I am a buyer and a seller. But mostly I sell. I tried Buyer Requests once. I did not like it. Most of the sellers begged for work, or simply said, “I can do your job.” They never explained how they would meet the requirements I had set out in my request. Also, many of them contacted me directly by messaging me in my inbox. Those that did were reported. Now I hand vet sellers and stay away form Buyer Requests.

Okay, I’m a seller
I writer, I write on so many things
With over 5years if experience
Though I just started fiverr

The following thing you said there I agree but maybe I haven’t sent an offer to your request that’s why you haven’t seen a different person

I’m not trying to use this opportunity to get jobs from you

But I’m just trying to tell you
Though I’m not saying I’m better than others but I know I’m the best in what I do

I don’t know if I’m doing right
But I charge buyers on low price because I’m new in fiverr and I’m trying I’m to make some sales

Please read the post of Gina’s that I posted a link to above. She is a long time buyer on Fiverr and will tell you what she wants to read in a seller’s offer. As I said, I only used BR once and it was 3 years ago, so I am sure I did not get a response to my BR from you.