Do Cancelled Orders Counts As NOT Rated Under Analytics?


Just as the title says…

I reviewed all my completed Orders and all of it have reviews on it. I have 2 cancelled Orders and in my Analytics it shows 2 "NOT RATED"

But all of my completed orders have reviews on it, including my TIP JAR Gigs.


My “not rated” are off by 10 orders (that are listed as not rated, but have been). It’s always been off, but so long as the actual rates/reviews show up on the gig page itself, since the staff can’t help apparently, I’m just going to ignore it. I personally don’t pay that much attention to my analytics anyway, to be honest.


Thank you for giving a feedback, I think I’m gonna have to Customer Support for this issue. Analytics is important for me, in my opinion.


If they had worked accurately at any point (for me) I’m sure I would feel the same. But as there’s always been something off, I’ve not yet “learned” to keep track of it. I do check the stats for my gigs though, on impressions etc, but that’s not on the analytics page.


If I ordered a gig from gets back with me after a few days and says they are not feeling well and that it will take them longer than what they posted to finish the job, and they tell me that if i want to cancel the gig they would understand, so I cancelled the gig…do you i get all of my money back since it isn’t my fault that the person got sick?


Reply to @touchtype: I just realised something else too; unfinished gigs aren’t counted, so cancelled shouldn’t be either.


Reply to @belltime: I think you should look up the question to this elsewhere, because I know I’ve seen threads about this. That said, you should get the money back from a cancelled order that isn’t disputed (if it is, then you’d probably still get them back, but it would take longer).