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Do cheap rate i.e $5, boots sell? Why or why not?

Most frequently new sellers are suggested to keep the price lower where my services are more valued than that. What shell I do, actually?

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You could check out the competition in your category to see the prices being charged by other sellers.


Just because other sellers are pricing their gigs low doesn’t mean you have to. Always price your gigs as to what you feel is correct and you are comfortable with. You will always find buyers who are willing to pay lower or higher than your rates. It all depends on how you market your gigs to the right segment.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your informative comment.

The price range is the lowest $5 to much higher. But my point is ‘Does it attract buyer if I set low price?’
Thank you.

When you are new, low prices can attract buyers more easily. Once you are established and have levels and good reviews, buyers are more willing to pay higher prices.

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Your information could be helpful for me. As I am a new seller, I need to know how I could get my first order.

Here’s the photo from your portfolio

I did the same test right now in GTmetrix

If you can’t optimize your own site then you’re in trouble. I doubt you’ll get many sales with that.
It might have been 93% at some point, but it isn’t right now.

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Last screenshot is not relevant to the first one. I’ve taken last one about a month after first one immediately I’ve changed my web theme. After uploading the image, I noticed the mistake and I’ve changed. But I’m really surprised to see the second image, which is absolutely absent in my GIG gallery. My question is that How it could be possible? Please have a look at the image.

I did the GTmetrix test myself :slight_smile:
I took the address from your screenshot. To a buyer it doesn’t matter what your screenshot says, what matters is the result GTmetrix gives right now.

Oo! I’m developing my site with a new theme. It’s just under development, you might have noticed that. While a site is developing, it’s speed could be very law, you know. While developing, it is common being slow. But It does’t mean that the owner/seller can’t speed up his/her own site. Thanks you very much for nice review.

Actually I don’t know :slight_smile:
I’m not a cowboy coder. I use a staging site for development.

So funny words!!!:smiley:
Good bye.

You should know what it means. It’s an actual term we use for developers working on live sites without a proper process :wink:

Anyway, if you really want to make it here then you have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately there are hundreds of posts available.

You can start with the obvious things

  • don’t promise 60sec response time. It just comes off desperate. What kind of developer sits around waiting for inquiries to respond in a minute?
  • don’t offer unlimited revisions. Buyers don’t have time for 10 revisions and a professional doesn’t need more than 2-3 revisions.
  • get your portfolio fixed. Show the work that you can stand behind right now. Remove those before/after because anyone who does a test like I did will get a very different picture and they might think you’re lying.
  • don’t offer “fixing everything” service. Focus on a niche.

Can I safely provide you my login information?

Yes, all of your logins is 100% safe with me. I honestly declare that I am an honest person, you have nothing to worry about.

Whew, that’s double the honesty. You might want to rephrase how you answered that, it comes off as too defensive or something.

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