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Do Coupon codes affect the seller?

Do Coupons Affect the seller?
And how much does fiverr take from the 50$ I’m sending to the seller?


It doesn’t take away from the seller on their end. Fiverr takes 20% from each sale a seller makes. So they’ll make $40 off your $50 order.


@j6nyc6 Cool so that means the seller isn’t affected by my coupon right?


That is correct. They will be fine.

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He is talking about coupons.

Yes, the price is reduced as much as you give coupon to your buyer.

If you send him 50$ and coupon the price will be reduced for the percentage of coupon. You will get 20% less then the final price.

So let’s say you send your client coupon for 10% and he uses it.

50-10%= 45
You get 45-20%= 36$


Okay so this is new. So you are saying if the client uses a promo, price will be reduced from seller’s end even? Like a 50 dollar order, means client will get 36 usd not 40 if he uses a promo?

Is promo and a coupon a same thing or you are talking about the coupon that was recently introduced?

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Coupons under Seller plus.

I do not know about promo.

Coupons that sellers offer are only for their cut of the price.


I wonder if this happens then why does a seller offer a coupon to a buyer since he knows he will get a lesser price and there is no benefit for him?

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Because sellers begged Fiverr to start with this so they can offer discounts and get more sales.

Mentality is percentage of income from zero sales iz zero.
Percentage from sale that I gave discount to is income.

Better income than zero.

Fiverr was asked by sellers can they put 10-20-30% discount on their GIG and buy one get five free, so I guess this is the first step to give sellers what they want.

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Yes I know they is talking about coupons but I was under the impression the coupon came directly from Fiverr not the seller.

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No, from seller.

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It’s a coupon you are offering to the buyer so he can save money. It’s the same thing with you lowering your prices. So…

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I just sent my first 10 coupons to take advantage of the month ending (my hope is even if they do not use the coupons me using the system will give me some boost, maybe, perhaps, who knows?)

The number is not specified but I think you get 10 coupons per calendar month to send and you can not pick your sellers, Fiverr suggests.

or maybe it is 10 coupons per expiry date ( so after 3 days now I will not get another 10 coupons to use, but I would have to wait for these 10 to expire?)

It says Reward up to 10 buyers each month with exclusive coupon offers.

Not sure if you can choose the buyers, I assume you can. But it says 10 coupons per month, so I think it “refills” every time a new month starts. It certainly sounds like that, but who knows.

You can select buyers but only from the list Fiverr picks for you.

So not all buyers.

I just sent 10 coupons and I will inform what happens in three days in May.

I assume only repeat buyers.

No. Quite randomly. I had one repeat buyer that is very good but I could not send him coupon.

They are still making some mambo jumbo changes within system, it will all start to “work as they intent” in next 1-2 months.

Sorry about the confusion. I was asking about the Promo Coupons that are given by Fiverr themself.
Sounds like it doesn’t affect the seller.

As I promised, here is the info, I sent 10 coupons 29.04. and now is 01.05. and again it is allowing me 10 coupons to send.

So they are refreshed by calendar month.

I can not send another coupon to the seller that did not use his previous coupon.

I assumed so.

I’ll let you know on May 10th/11th if simple warnings are removed after 3 months, as I am nearing that :slight_smile: