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Do customers actually read what kind of service someone offers?

out of 4 customers, there was actually only one that asked me exactly what i am offering…. No problem, but am i the only one experiencing this?

its something i have to deal with at least once a week, some people need to learn how to read.

Reply to @biancha: many buyers don’t read even if they know how to do it :smiley:

I’m a little confused by what you mean. So they bought a gig and then…?

Happens every now and then. They ask me how much I’d charge for something I specifically state I don’t do.

I will write something like “DISCUSS WITH ME FIRST BEFORE YOU ORDER!” all with capital letters in the first paragraph of my gig description. Still, maybe 5% of my customers order my gig without discussing with me first.

You just have to be patient. Its good if they already understand what we offer. But if they don’t, we just have to explain. Usually I will say “You should discuss with me first” in my first reply in the Order page. But then everything will be okay. Next time when they order, they will ask first.

Reply to @biancha: It takes far too long to read dozens and dozens or poorly written gigs on fiverr. Its much easier for a seller to copy and paste a message to people asking them if they can provide a service and if so for how much.

Some do, some don’t. I’ve gotten orders for Teespring designs when my gig is about writing headlines for Teespring. The name of the gig is “I will write 5 headlines for Teespring” but I have buyers asking to design this or that. That’s frustrating. I even had to write in the gig description “This is a copy only gig.”

I got this regarding my transcribing gig today (which has all the prices laid out clearly).

“I really need an mp3 voice audio of 1 hour 20 mins long to be transcribed in the next 24 hours.

I need it for a book that is being written but the author really needs it in 24 hours.

I am willing to pay $45 to get it done?”