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Do Express Gigs pay any more than normal ones with a 1-day turnaround?

Hi there - I’m relatively new here but I cannot seem to find any information about Express Gig orders. I have received a number of these over the past couple of days (thankfully!) and I have two questions about them:

  1. I understand that they are gigs with a 24-hour turnaround, but what differentiates an Express order from any normal order of mine for a gig that I purport as having a 1-day delivery anyway?

  2. And is any more than the standard $5 paid for an Express order? And if not, then what is the point of these?

    Thank you, fellow Fiverrs!


My apologies, friends, but I believe I’ve found the answer to my own questions via a support page I could not find before asking about this topic here on the forums. The official description of an Express Gig can be found here:

Basically any gig listed with a 1-day turnaround falls under the “Express” category. There’s a bit more to it, but these orders are no different than any other 1-day / 24-hour turnaround gig and do not pay any more or less.

Thanks all and my apologies - I was searching for the answer to this here in the forums when I should have been searching in the Support section of the Fiverr website.

Cheers all!


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