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Do Extra works or i will give you bad review

I have been working so hard on my Fiverr account, i plan to make Fiverr my main recently i had a buyer so we discussed and started order.and when i completed the job as requirements and delivered the buyer keeps asking for extra work in the chat and threatening me that he will give me bad review if i do not do his extra works.and when i said that was not in the order requirements/scope.he put a bad review in my gig. :rage: :rage:

and i described this issue to fiverr and they said they can’t do anything about that! :exploding_head: so clearly when i see Fiverr does not care about the if any buyers see this they gonna buy a 5$ gig and get a 100$ work done.fiverr be like: nothing we can do about that! :joy: :joy: :joy:

whom should i ask for help now?


The time to contact CS is when the threat was made - attach a screen shot of the threat. That is against Terms of Service.

The only thing you can do now is to respond to the review - politely! - with your side of the story.

Take unlimited revisions - if you have them! - off your gigs. They’re just asking for trouble.


i did’nt included unlimited revision in my gig

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Try to reach out to CS again, and yes, with a screenshot of the blackmail attempt and threat. It’s always best to stay professional, polite, and only use facts. Cite the section of the ToS that addresses blackmail. Keep your personal feelings out of your messages so they can’t just claim that you’re whining, even when you’re in the right.

If that fails, reply to their review with something along the lines of: “Violated ToS and attempted to blackmail me.”
Actually, you should do that anyway, if you haven’t already.


Thank you very much for your time! I will try one more time.

Be polite to the buyer and just ask CS for help
If you also start arguing with the buyer ,CS won’t be able to do anything about that
And unlimited revision for these kind of people is not a very good idea
So be careful

Just want to ask, even if the CS are aware of this, will CS cancel the order? Even if the seller had already delivered the work, will CS just cancel the order, and the amount will be returned to the buyer balance?

I don’t think amount will return to buyer. I think it will go to the seller cause the work is already complete.

the order was completed! my gig had only 5 revision.and i didn’t argue once with him but said politely that what he was asking that was not in the order scope.and you he just threatened me right after that.

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hahaha, who knows, there are quite a few cases, where CS just cancel the order even the work is fully and well delivered. The buyer not only gets the money back , but also get the work for free…

That’s not nice of CS… :frowning:

That’s why, FIverr usually will stand on buyer side, as there are the main income source. They need to make their buyer happy, for them to continue useFiverr.

That’s why I keep saying Fiverr is buyer-sided. When people tell me that they’re not, I feel like they were paid. :joy: Also, Fiverr don’t ban or flag me please.

This is… tricky to address. According to the ToS, threats fall under ‘grounds for cancellation’. Here on the forums are many reports of CS replying along the lines of ‘work it out yourself’. If the order is already delivered, there are reports of it still being canceled (though those seem to oft be cases of charge-backs). The ToS does say:

All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to Buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.

So, if an order is canceled, you (essentially) get your work back.

Further discussion on this in the above thread (my thoughts found in post 18):

(Note that a charge-back by a buyer is against the ToS.)