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Do Fiverr cookies affect gig rankings?

Hello everyone!

What is the role of Fiverr cookies? Do they have an impact on gig ranking? Is it okay to block or delete cookies?

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It’s probably okay to delete Fiverr cookies after you’ve logged out of Fiverr. You shouldn’t block them as it would probably prevent you logging in and doing other things.

Fiverr hasn’t said if the have any effect on rankings. I suppose it might have an effect on what the buyer sees when searching, but we’ve no real info on it. Mainly a seller’s gig is ranked according to how well their gig performs and the seller’s stats I think, as well it would be based on some SEO - the gig would be matched to searches based on what’s in the title, description, tags etc. and anything else Fiver puts into their search ranking algorithm (like showing Fiverr’s Choice gigs close to the top of the results).

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