Do Fiverr designers make their logos purely from scratch, or are they just modifying existing typefaces?


Hi. I’m currently working with my first logo designer, and I’m just curious how the process works. Do Fiverr designers create their logo’s from scratch, or are they simply using existing fonts/typefaces and just making slight modifications to them? I’m asking because the only reason I’m paying to have a logo designed is to have something unique made. Something that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own with my existing Photoshop experience. I mean, anybody can just take an existing typeface and make small adjustments to it and call it a logo… So I’m wondering what the common practice is around here for most designers? I’m just a bit paranoid I guess because I don’t want to receive a product that I can simply do on my own, so I’m just wondering if I can expect to receive something unique as the finished product; not just a modification of an existing font that’s already out there. That’s why I just wanted clarification on the process to alleviate my concerns so I don’t received a half-hearted design that I could have just done on my own… Thanks


Depends on your budget. For $5, a logo designer will often use a logo generator. You can tell this as many different designers have the same samples.

For more money, you’ll likely get a creative artist who goes through all of the steps you’d expect a designer to go through.


Thanks Sara. I paid around $20 for my design. I checked out my designers portfolio, and there are certainly some clients who have similar style logo’s that utilize identical typefaces. That is why I’m skeptical and I don’t know what to do. Although my designer has really high ratings, but regardless I don’t want to pay for something I can easily do on my own. I mean, I’d think for $20 I could expect a custom made logo from scratch, but based on the portfolio I’m looking at, some clients share similar font-styles as I mentioned. Which is why I’m skeptical now and don’t know if I should just cancel the order and find something else. Thing is, I’m not really sure how to distinguish an authentic designer who creates from scratch from somebody who just uses basic typefaces that you can just download online for free… That’s just lazy as hell


You won’t get a completely custom made logo for $20.

No designer makes up a new font for a logo unless you spend a lot more than most on fiverr charge, but that’s ok. You don’t need that.

There are probably over a million fonts in the world so if you have one you prefer you can tell your designer which one you like. Go to a font website and look at a lot of them so you can pick one.

Yes they use an existing font and make some small alterations in how it is arranged to make your logo.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. That is definitely disappointing to hear. I expected to receive a custom logo which is the only reason why I opted to hire a designer in the first place. Honestly I can just download an existing font online and modify it on my own which is what I initially sought to do, but I was under the impression that I would be able to get a custom font designed for me on here, but it appears that is not the case which is unfortunate. In that case I’m probably going to cancel the order because I wouldn’t need a designer unless they make me a custom typeface. I’ve been using Photoshop for around 10 years but I have no experience with software like Illustrator which is what I believe most designers use for the custom based fonts and what not. But I don’t have any knowledge of that… So yeah guess I’m kinda pissed off now to learn this but I didn’t know any better since there was no clarification on there from my designers portfolio… How much should I be expected to pay for custom logo? The reason I need something custom to begin with is that I’m an aspiring music producer, and I need something to distinguish my brand and I can’t really do that if I’m using a font that is already readily available on the internet; which is why custom is the only way to go so nobody else has the same thing if that makes sense


For a really custom professional logo, it will be in the range of 1500$-3000$ , you can check PRO Sellers for that.


When you say custom logo. what exactly do you mean? That they create a new font for you? Very few designers create fonts when there are literally about ten million already.

Creating new fonts is a specialty few designers do. Nor do most do it for a client and certainly not for $20. It is an art form. Of course they can tell you they created it for you and you wouldn’t know the difference.


Hm, well I guess what I meant was something hand-drawn; perhaps. Not necessarily creating an entire font library from scratch, but just making the initial logo by hand or whatever they do, and then rendering that into Illustrator and then coloring it and polishing it, etc. I certainly don’t expect a custom font library or anything grand like that lol. I was just hoping that I’d be able to receive something made by hand that is unique to me.


Why not? I don’t understand why you feel you need a custom designed font when someone could simply copy a font that is unusual and tell you they designed it and you wouldn’t know the difference?

I don’t mean that someone would take advantage of you necessarily, my point is that you wouldn’t know if it was custom for you or not. There are simply millions and millions of fonts already out there, most of which you or I would never have seen.


no one will design a custom typeface in budget of 20$ , i would normally charge 300$
and its better to talk with the seller before placing order, what kind of service he/she is providing, and what kind of service you need, if you have some confusion! very simple ! communication make things easy


There are designers who do that but it won’t be a unique font.


Do you know that creating a custom font costs a lot of :watch: & :moneybag:, have you read some online articles for the most famous logos? To be honest, as a graphic designer, I can tell you that custom logos would cost you at least $2000+, I mean if you decide to go for a pro.

Also, I don’t know if you are familiar with the fact, but a lot of companies use existing fonts. For example, T-Mobile uses Helvetica, MasterCard uses FF Mark, which are premade fonts. You pay the designer to chose a color combo, to match the fonts, to create branding guide and so on.

Next time before saying that it’s something that you can do it by yourself, do it, don’t waste the time of other sellers.

This is advice for everyone, don’t expect a super-professional and unique logo for $20, the logo is like a flag for your company, so in my opinion, pour more :money_with_wings: into it. Also, do a reasarch next time.


What I meant was hand-drawn. That’s what I’m referring to as a “custom font”.


Well I don’t mean unique in the sense that it’s a revolutionary font-style that has never been done before, but it’ll be unique in the sense that it’ll be hand-drawn and the only one out there that exists that has it’s own aesthetic and character… That’s essentially what I expected because I had a friend who had hired someone to design a logo for him, and the artist presumably did it hand-drawn, and that is basically what I was looking for since it’s more meaningful to have something that’s original in the sense that there is only one out there like that


Yeah, I have a friend that does logos like that, and do you know how much, does he charge? He charges at least $300. It’s not easy as you think. Would you like to work somewhere for 12 hours, and at the end your boss to tell you, sure, for today you can get only $20. Well, you don’t. Therefore, what you are looking for costs more money.

Find a pro, and definetely, don’t expect that for $20.

NOTE: I don’t want to say that you are bad or something, I want to explain some stuff. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for clarifying. But you gotta give me the benefit of the doubt ultimately because that isn’t something that is common knowledge to begin with tbh. If the process is that laborious that it requires 12 hours, then sure by all means they should be compensated accordingly. But in my mind I didn’t really expect the process to be that difficult since all I’d need is a single word drawn-up but in relatively large letters that just has a hand-drawn quality to it or w/e. But yeah thanks for clarifying I guess I just didn’t know about this stuff. I didn’t know there was a distinction between hand-drawn and “Custom font” so I guess I didn’t convey my idea well enough but yeah I guess I’ll stick with something within the $20 range for now.


Not sure what you mean by a hand drawn quality. You can find those on fiverr, there are dozens of designers who do those. They appear as if they were done by an artist using a pen.



Hand drawn quality as in there is only one out there that exists since it’d be hard to reproduce something you did the first time around unless you sketched it or whatever. But unique in the sense that there would only be one out there like that, as opposed to a designer just using a standard font that you can download online that presumably other people already use; while a hand-drawn design would be unique to me since only I’d have it. Thanks for the link as well, but it’s prob too late at this point lol. And prob out of my budget if it is as expensive as you say



Sure, now you know a bit more.

It takes a lot, first if it’s a good designer, that has a sense of what he does. He would draw multiple sketches, play with the kerning, he would play with the path. After the designer is done with the sketch, he/she would draw one with ink, then after that, they would go ahead and draw it in illustrator, adjust the paths and etc. It takes a lot of thinking, a lot of time, and that should be compensated accordingly.