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Do fiverr gig promotion good for new user profile in fiverr?

I have just created my fiverr account 2 month ago. Is their any risk of become banned my profile if if start promote my gig?

You may promote your gig on your website, email, social media page, Whatsapp etc. Fiverr does not support Gig promotion using the Adword campaign and you can get a Term of a Service Violation warning if you do so.

Hi @expertpixel

You should do gig promotions as soon as you finish built your gigs.
If you not doing any promotion, how will your gigs gain exposure?

Agree with @estherrandell
Share your gig into many social media, for me, best method is from Twitter :slight_smile:

Good Luck,

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Thank you for your important reply.

Thank you so much for your comments