Do Fiverr is Changing Gig search algorithm


Do Fiverr is Changing Gig search algorithm , i have Noticed some gigs are not at place it need to be … and i heard from few friends who’s gigs are not where it should be .


This question is asked many times every week. Yes, Fiverr is currently testing a variety of things related to their search engine. Please be patient. We, here on the forums, have no idea when these tests will be complete.

In the meantime, if your gigs, or the gigs or “your friend” are not as visible as you would like them to be, take the time to market and promote them on your own. You have the ability to bring in your own traffic as well. Don’t expect Fiverr to make your gigs successful for you. :wink:


From Last Month i am Not Active on Fiverr forum That is why i asked it .

I am Experienced in Such Situation , it happened in 2016 as well for a month .

I asked This question Just to Make Sure it is happening .


They changed it, then reverted it back to it’s old algorithm.
However alot of my gigs, myself being one of them, have messed up placements now.


@psychicbunny how did you know it was reverted back? Any links of that news?


i also want to know That …


From the looks on my end they fixed the algorithm back, but some gigs aren’t where they used to be, if that makes sense.

You can tell because before, there were gigs that were $600 appearing in the High Average Ratings section - now most of them are $5. And some of the ratings ratio makes sense.


I see. Thanks for clarifying!


Hurrah !
The Gigs are on Their Place Again .